Joe Biden is the greatest traitor in the US history

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By Hoa Truong June 5, 2022

The US national founders like the first President George Washington,
and following the national hero Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt,
and Abraham Lincoln honored the statues as the greatest presidents
sculpted at Mouth Rushmore. Therefore, US history also highlights many
heroic presidents like Ronald Reagan, and the recent President Donald
Trump convinced the public adoration with their great achievements and
the patriotic heart to make America proud. The United States of
America was founded after escaping the colonial regime of the British
in 1776, then built the newborn nation, and become the wealthiest
country on the planet. The epic stories depict the national heroism
that derives from the patriotism, the backbone of the United States,
and the other nations keeping and developing the country remains.

Despite the American history facing the civil war, therefore the
people united and rebuilt the country with the hard-working creating
the national spirit, actually, the Second World War highlighted the
great contribution of the US Army to defeat the dictator Hitler.
Unfortunately, the Vietnam War was stabbed in the back by the
anti-war, pro-communist movement, the left stream media companies with
the communist undercover activists, the espionage agents, and the
Global Communist Bloc to supporting Vietcong terror. The domestic
thugs in America concealed the Vietcong terror received the potential
damages with more than 1,500,000 troops killed plus 300,000 Vietcong
terrorists going missing. Eventually, the winner of South Vietnam’s
government became the loser after the votes of domestic thuggish
politicians by Democratic Senator Joe Biden, John Kerry, and the
Democratic Party to cut the military aid. It is the first crime of the
political worm Joe Biden who spent his whole political life for
corruption, and treason, including the untold genocide. Who voted for
the political worm Joe Biden from the first term of Senator in
Delaware, and throughout the late elections, they share their crimes
with Joe Biden.

The incompetent politician, the global social dreg Joe Biden promoted
the political life in the Democratic Communist Party like the
dishonest components create the crimes and become the important
members, then the gang leaders, or the Godfather of Mafia. The
harmfully political life of Joe Biden reflects the worm-eating shit,
therefore the worm made the manure, instead, Joe Biden has earned the
taxpayers and the national privileges, and destroyed the Unites States
to the grassroots. The dire consequences created by the treasonous
specialist Joe Biden are immeasurable, the people recognize Joe Biden
becomes the greatest thug in the United States. The political worm Joe
Biden was consecutively elected in the Senate seat of Delaware, and
the useless political life highlighted from 2008 to 2016 when the
first Muslim, communist, and the black thuggish 44th president Barrack
Obama recruited the mongrel ape Joe Biden in the position of
vice-president. This second-highest position in the White House
created an opportunity for corrupt king Joe Biden and his family to
develop the offshore corrupt affairs, actually, Vice president Joe
Biden traveled to China by the Air Force Two with the Crown Corrupt
Prince Hunter Biden who behaved his father Joe Biden to receive $US
1.5 billion of China’s bribery that China’s Communist Party deposited
to buy Joe Biden by investing the US president for a long time ago.
Nevertheless, the corrupt affairs of Biden’s family spread into
multiple nations including the corruption in Ukraine conducts the
Biden War is carried out by Vladimir Putin’s invasion on February 24,
2022, because Joe Biden wants to remove President Volodymyr
Oleksandrovych Zelenskyy who targeting to investigate the corruption
of Biden’s family in Ukraine, and Putin wants to establish the puppet
president in Ukraine. The bloodshed in Ukraine originated from the
corruption of tyrannical mongrel ape Joe Biden and his family members
like Hunter Biden plus the family of Nancy Pelosi, John Kerry, and

The treasonous specialist Joe Biden succeeded the White House robbery
on January 20, 2021, behind the highest level of the US presidential
robbery is the Global Deep State, China’s Communist Party, the
Democratic Communist Party including the RINOs in the Supreme Court,
and the coward RINO Mike Pence carried out the presidential robbery
with the bush, obscurant constitution of 1871. The White House robbery
worsens the US and destroys the Republic of America when the 46th
illegal president Joe Biden and the Blue Donkey gang controlled the
federal government, the Congress, Senate plus the legal tool in the
Supreme Court, FBI, the CIA, and other intelligence agencies, so the
25 Amendment waived although Joe Biden is eligible of the impeachment
with the treason, corruption including the serious mental health
illness. Instead, the Democratic Communist Party has overridden the
Congress, and Senate’s authority to pursue the witch hunt targeting
the 45th patriotic President Donald Trump, actually the sham riot on
January 6, 2021, arrayed by Democrats, and the political sorceress
Nancy Pelosi. Despite the incident being over after the investigation
of the Democratic panel surrendered the accusation without the
evidence, and the fake dossiers, therefore, the Democratic Congress
still wants to harm the primary victim Donald Trump of the rigged
election in 2020. The wick hunt proves the Democratic Communist Party
knows and panics the mid-term congressional election will be held on
November 8, 2022, the constitutional bases of Democrats will be lost,
and the doomsday of king corrupt, the US greatest traitor Joe Biden
plus his illegal cabinet is going to come. Its reason conducts the
mongrel communist regime in America oppresses the patriotic author Dr.
Peter Navarro because the false plan to harm President Donald Trump
failed. Certainly, Peter Navarro served the country, therefore, Joe
Biden, and his Blue Donkey gang fear the author of The Death By China.

Certainly, the corrupt affairs of China’s Communist paid for Joe Biden
that validates, so the presidential robber Joe Biden repays the boon
of China, and Biden places the US interest for sale, so China gains
the strategical advantage in trade, Asia, actually Taiwan’s
intimidation and the world come from Joe Biden and his Blue Donkey
gang. The plan to control the world in 2025 is coming up with the help
of Joe Biden. Nevertheless, the Biden’s family received $US 3.5
million from Russian officials, so Biden repaid by shutting down
Keystone Pipeline, and Vladimir Putin ties the European Union plus
America into the energetic bight that causes NATO reflects the term”
NO ACTION TALK ONLY” when Vladimir Putin invades Ukraine after Joe
Biden flagged, the US fake commander in chief declared no to send the
US Army when Putin attacks Ukraine. Moreover, the energetic weapons of
Putin that affect, NATO, and America rejected imposing the no-fly
zone, the bloodshed comes from NATO, Joe Biden.

The deceitful label called climate change destroys the US economy and
the industry that causes the American people to pay the highest petrol
price, and inflation rises without control. America has no president
from January 20, 2021, instead the presidential robber Joe Biden
stormed the White House. The fake commander in chief costs the loss of
Afghanistan, and Joe Biden donated the valuable weapon’s arsenal worth
$US 85 billion to the Taliban backed by China’s Communist Party. The
Biden War occurs in Ukraine comes from Joe Biden. The victims of Joe
Biden are more than 500 million people enclose 100 million Vietnamese
people lose their freedom after the military cut by Senator Joe Biden,
John Kerry, and the leftists in Democrats. There are more than 40
million people in Afghanistan who lost their freedom after the Taliban
controlled the country, 44 million people in Ukraine are the victims
of the Biden War, and 330 million American people suffered the hell of
communist paradise imposed by Joe Biden. On the other hand, the
greatest traitor Joe Biden is also the greatest genocide in human
history. The American people and the world recognize the crimes
against the humanity, and treason of Joe Biden, therefore the
Democratic Communist Party controls the Congress, Senate, and the
Supreme Court plus the FBI, the CIA, and other intelligence agencies,
further the United Nations has Biden’s comrade is Mr.
Secretaty-General Antonio Guterres (the hardcore communist), so the
crimes of Joe Biden waived. Nevertheless, China’s Communist Party
backs an actual henchman Joe Biden.

All the great achievements of the national founders, the heroic
presidents, and the American people were wiped out within a short
time, even the United States is on the brink of collapse. There were
within 8 years ruled by the first Muslim, communist, and black
President Barrack Obama destroyed the US at the grassroots, and the
social valuation collapsed. The US patriotism hurts and going to
abolish when the communism called globalization infiltrated the
society, the education, and the racial war promoted by Barrack Obama
with the BLACK SUPREMACY is the backbone of the domestic terror
organizations are the Black Lives Matter and Antifa that are the
consequences of Barrack Obama, and Democrats ruling in the United
States. Unfortunately, on January 20, 2021, the terrible tragedy
repeats when the US greatest traitor Joe Biden robbed the White House
with the crucial decision of the RINOs in the Supreme Court and Senate
Speaker Mike Pence. The hell of communist paradise applies on the
full-scale policies, and the world’s wealthiest country of America is
going to be Venezuela which is the movement of MAWE” Make America
Worsens Ever” of Joe Biden, and the Democratic Communist Party to
destroy America. Nevertheless, the presidential robber Joe Biden
received the money from China, and Russia, so Biden must obey the
requirements, and orders of two bosses, so the United States was
shattered, and the national interest exchanged the interests of
Biden’s family and the mongrel communist party called Democrats.

The US greatest traitor, the mongrel communist Joe Biden always brags
about the term” when a communist is born, initially, a midwife sees
the mouth”. Despite Joe Biden evading military services in the Vietnam
War by claiming asthma. Therefore, the timid mongrel ape Joe Biden was
told to drive the 18 wheels truck and the football star. Certainly,
Joe Biden doesn’t boast as the first man landed the moon or Mars.
However, Joe Biden can be pride, and claimed as the first presidential
robber in America, the first politician knelt to pay the respect to
the serious felony George Floyd, the first fake president with the
fake commander in chief, the zombie of Barrack Obama, and other
supreme bosses in the shadow, and Joe Biden also the first fake
president can not speak English properly, so the teleprompter is
helpful in the White House with the fake scene.

China’s Communist Party and its enemies always fear the military
strength of the United States. Certainly, the world’s strongest army
in North America hampers the global hegemonic ambition of the
communist regime in Beijing, and the hidden communist regime in
Kremlin is led by Vladimir Putin. Possibly, the enemies couldn’t
defeat US Army, except the thuggish commander in chief like Barrack
Obama, and Joe Biden could nullify the US Army. Homosexuality and
transgender are like the nuclear bombs to disable the US Army. From
2008 to 2016, the thuggish President Barrack Obama did” yes we can
change” the original color of the White House to Rainbow, and Obama
changed the US Army to the homosexual army, and transgender army.
Nowadays, the fake commander in chief Joe Biden continues to destroy
the US Army, and also transforms the US Army into the People’s
Liberation Army of America, so the Marxism-Leninist-Maoists Four Stars
General Mark Milley and former Four Stars General Lloyd Austin impose
the communism on the US Army, and mongrel communist Joe Biden fired
the concerned commanders like Major General Lương Xuân Việt, Navy Seal
Colonel Hung Cao and others. The bush-obscurant constitution of 1871
creates an ugly democracy in America, the people vote, but the major
Justices in the Supreme Court, the Democratic Congress, and Senate
decide the US president. The fake democracy in America is the
wonderful land of the dishonest components, and Joe Biden becomes the
greatest traitor in the US history/.