Inside: David Horowitz Exposes the Left’s Shocking Plan to Destroy Democracy and Turn America Into a Socialist Regime

One of America’s most famous authors and conservative thought leaders says:

  • America’s next presidential election could be her last.
  • There now exists an existential threat to American democracy greater than any our nation has ever faced.
  • Democracy as we know it is being obliterated at the hands of Democrats who pose a deadly threat to our freedom.
  • Their real goal is a one-party state — and they are willing to break even Constitutional provision, law, precedent and procedure — to see that it happens.

These claims are made by New York Times bestselling author David Horowitz, author of Dark Agenda: The War to Destroy Christian America, who for the first time reveals the Left’s horrifying plan to turn America into a socialist nation.

What he’s discovered will rock you to the core.

You need to listen to him even more so because he was once a respected Leftist, a supporter of radical groups and a noted “liberal” journalist.

But he defected. He became a conservative.

For doing so, the Left in America sought to destroy David Horowitz.

Now Horowitz warns the Left is on the verge of destroying the very America you know and love.

America, Horowitz warns, is on the precipice of another civil war.

And if you think you already know everything Biden, Pelosi, Schumer, and their vile cronies have done to drive a stake into the heart of America . . . you don’t know the half of it.

In an attempt to save America from the Left’s diabolical and deadly clutches, Horowitz is revealing it all in his latest blockbuster release, Final Battle: The Next Election Could Be the Last.

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In his explosive NEW book, Horowitz exposes the Left’s sinister strategies to achieve their heinous goals — from using racism, white supremacy, cancel culture, wokeism, critical race theory, the FBI, voting processes, our children’s schools, and more as their weapons of mass destruction.

Just When You Think You’ve Heard It All . . .
Rest Assured, You Haven’t.

Horowitz exposes the outrages already committed — and those yet to come.

Here’s a sneak peek at just a few of the shocking revelations in Final Battle:

  • How Democrats use the mere act of challenging a vote as treason. See why they’ve lost their minds. Page 13
  • The TRUTH about the “Stop the Steal” rally — shocking facts you haven’t seen anywhere else. Page 17
  • The REAL story of Jan. 6 — and why were the Capitol Police so unprepared when they were told about the event? Page 172-174
  • And the FACTS about the protesters — including the high number of government informants that were there that day . . .
  • How Biden’s Department of Education bribed schools to continue to push an anti-American curriculum, CRT, racism and the 1619 Project. Page 52
  • Illegals and crime: numbers that’ll make you want to barricade your doors and shutter your windows. Page 69
  • How Biden and his band of operatives are using the military to change the electoral map in violation of our laws. Page 85

While some of the Left’s underhanded and notoriously sinister strategies have been exposed, what goes unreported are the motives behind their moves — and they’re downright terrifying.

Through his extreme diligence and dedication to democracy, David Horowitz has uncovered everything.

And his revelations are about to rock the world.