Real news today (2/4/2023)

Trump: Truth About "Fake News" Reporting On "Russia Hoax" Is Finally Coming Out

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"A STAGGERING, detailed account of the lies, disinformation, and complete lack of journalistic integrity…"

SAT FEB 4, AT 12:00 PM

House Homeland Security Chair: I Never Got Alerted About Spy Balloon by Biden Admin

Ian Hanchett

Biden Claims: ‘I Ordered the Pentagon to Shoot It Down on Wednesday’ Really?

Why the Delay??

Pentagon had to wait for red Chinese to download all data

Rep. Mary Miller: ‘National Security Must Not Be Compromised by Biden Family Payoffs’

Nick Gilbertson

Exclusive — Florida GOP Vice Chair: Only 17K of the 1M Moving to Florida Registered as Democrats

Hannah Bleau

Thanks God for the news

Americans Continue To Flee High-Tax New York And California — Here’s Where They’re Going

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"Something else that makes these areas popular is the robust job market recovery after the pandemic…"

SAT FEB 4, AT 4:30 PM