For the Right News Special Counsel Subpoenas the Waitstaff at Mar-a-Lago over Trump Documents

Waitress is carrying three plates with meat dish

You know your witch hunt is going to hell in a handbasket when you have to start issuing subpoenas to the waiters and waitresses at Mar-a-Lago. That’s what fishing expedition leader and Special Counsel Jack Smith has been reduced to in his effort to find something – anything – that he can charge President Trump with, in relation to the knickknacks that Trump took home with him after he left the White House.

The media already has their scripts written. They want to claim that Trump can’t run for office in 2024 if he’s been arrested for something. But this latest move by the Special Counsel really makes it feel like he’s running out of rope.

Even a few days ago, I still had the impression that they’re going to arrest Trump to try to derail his campaign (and they still might). But I wrote about the latest leftist fantasy that was making headlines last week, namely the Stormy Daniels fiction, and noted that it felt like that was not going to be “it.”

Stormy Daniels admitted under oath that she never had relations with President Trump. Plus, she extorted money from Donald Trump during a presidential campaign. The fact that Trump’s lawyer paid some professional whore off with a few bucks to keep her quiet does not mean that Trump committed a crime. It means that Stormy did. So that “case” is going nowhere fast.

It seems far more likely that if an indictment comes, it will be from that lunatic prosecutor in Georgia, or the Special Counsel for the Mar-a-Lago documents.

But the Mar-a-Lago case seems to be crumbling like Rep. Jerrold Nadler’s (D-NY) willpower when he stands in front of the pie buffet at Golden Corral. Chief witch hunter Smith has suddenly subpoenaed about two dozen staffers who work at Mar-a-Lago, including the waitstaff.

Margo Martin was one of Trump’s loyal communications aides in the White House, and moved to Florida to continue working for the president after the 2020 election was stolen. She was subpoenaed and interviewed by one of Smith’s top prosecutors in Washington, DC on Thursday.

It sort of makes sense that you’d interview Martin if you were on a fishing expedition like this. But the servers from the restaurant at Mar-a-Lago? Smith’s team must have some feverish fantasy that the waitstaff saw Trump trying to sell the nuclear codes on eBay or something. What could those people possibly know?

This likely doesn’t mean that the walls are closing in on Trump. It feels more like the case is simply falling apart for Smith. He’s also targeting Trump’s lawyers in the investigation, which is never a good sign for a prosecutor. That usually means a prosecutor is running out of rocks to peek under.

Of course, the Mar-a-Lago case really fell apart when it turned out that Joe Biden was hoarding classified documents dating back to his time as a US Senator, which is a real crime. It’s not a crime for a former president like Trump to have classified docs in their possession. It’s a huge felony for a former Senator to have possession of classified docs. It means that Biden stole those documents by stuffing them in a briefcase or in his socks and walking out of a SCIF with them.

National security employees go to prison for that all the time. It seems nonsensical that they would charge Trump with a crime related to stuff he had at Mar-a-Lago, and not charge accused sex criminal Joe Biden with mishandling classified docs.

Which brings us to an interesting question. Would the Deep State try to take Trump AND Biden off the board for 2024?

They hate Trump and we know they might do pretty much anything, including a “JFK Special,” if he gets too close to the White House again. That’s just a fact. But they also hate Biden at this point and the Democrat Party wants to shove him aside. And let’s face it, Kamala Harris isn’t going to be able to win a popularity contest like a presidential election.

Would the Deep State actually arrest both Trump and Biden to try to clear the way for someone else? Would you put anything past them at this point?