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Stoltenberg Pledges Ukraine Will Become A Member Of NATO

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Wasn’t this just Kremlin propaganda?

WED APR 5, AT 11:45 AM

Twitter Labels NPR "State-Affiliated Media"; Elon Musk Says "Seems Accurate"

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NPR comrades are annoyed

WED APR 5, AT 12:25 PM

Turley: Yielding To Temptation – Why The Trump Case Is A Test Not Just For The President But The Legal System

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If the New York bench retains any integrity, this case will be thrown out as legally improper with an admonition to Bragg and his office for politicizing the criminal justice process…

WED APR 5, AT 11:25 AM

North Carolina to have GOP supermajority in legislature as Democrat expected to switch parties

By Madeleine Hubbard