Nolte: Sleeping Joe Biden’s Nine Cruel Maui Bungles

We have over 100 Americans dead in Maui, over 800 still missing, and Joe Biden continues to cruelly bungle the response at every level.

This tragedy is far from over, so we will undoubtedly be adding to this list, but here are His Fraudulency Joe Biden’s nine cruel bungles … so far:

  1. Lying on the Beach While Maui Burns to the Ground

The wildfires began on August 8. By the following day, the fires were rampaging, thousands were without power, and thousands had been evacuated. During those two days, Biden lay on the beach and said nothing. It wasn’t until August 10 that Biden finally roused himself from a beach chair to act presidential. Before that, all he did was fire off a tweet a few hours earlier.

  1. “No Comment” While on Vacation

Days later, while Hawaii burned and the toll of the dead and missing climbed, Biden not only remained on the beach but when asked specifically about the rising death toll, Biden said, “No comment.”

He even smiled like he thought he was being cute. Other than “sociopathic,” I’m at a loss for words.

Please read 7 more cruel bungles and view video at the below link: