Bão Idalia …Xin kính, thân chúc Quý Vị, Quý NT và CH cùng gia đình, thân thuộc tai qua nạn khỏi, an là nh và may mắn..

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Washington, D.C

Xin chuyển đến Quý Vị, Quý NT và CH….

Đặc biệt Quý Vị hiện đang cư ngụ trong vùng, city sẽ bị ảnh hưởng của Idalia…

Xin kính, thân chúc Quý Vị, Quý NT và CH cùng gia đình, thân thuộc tai qua nạn khỏi,
an lành và may mắn..

Xin bảo trọng..

Trân trọng..

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Washington, D.C

Idalia strengthens into Category 2 hurricane as it lashes the Florida coast


Idalia strengthened into a Category 2 hurricane with 100 mph winds as it lashes Florida ahead of a potentially catastrophic collision with the state’s west coast.

Conditions are already deteriorating as water levels rise on the coast and outer storm bands from the hurricane, which stretch miles from its core, rake across the southern part of the peninsula.

The storm’s impacts will only increase in the coming hours as a Category 3 landfall Wednesday morning draws nearer, bringing once-in-a-lifetime hurricane strength and storm surge to parts of the state’s Gulf Coast.

Florida officials have already told some people to flee, closed schools and shuttered a major airport in preparation for the storm’s impact.

The hurricane is expected to hit as a Category 3, bringing powerful winds and a potential storm surge of 10 to 15 feet to the Big Bend area. That would stack a wall of seawater halfway up the second floor of an average building.

The Tampa Bay area could see storm surge of 4 to 7 feet. Anything greater than four feet of storm surge inundation in the Tampa Bay area would set a new record there. Six feet of surge inundation would set a record in Cedar Key on the southern side of the Big Bend.

While other storms, like Hurricane Ian, have produced higher storm surge, these levels would be unprecedented for this part of the Florida Gulf Coast.

Idalia may also bust precedent as the first major hurricane in at least 172 years to track into Apalachee Bay in the sparsely populated Big Bend region, according to the National Hurricane Center and its Tallahassee office.

“Don’t mess with this one,” the office said.

Idalia is expected to rapidly intensify in the extremely warm Gulf of Mexico. Here’s what that means

While the center of the hurricane isn’t expected to make landfall in the Tampa area, any wobble or shift in its track over the next 12 hours dramatically increases the region’s surge levels, which are already forecast to be dangerous.

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