Federal law charges Americans for rescue flights from Israel while illegals get free travel, hotels | Just The News

Thousands of Americans are looking to flee Israel amid fighting between the government and Hamas terrorists in the Gaza Strip. The U.S. government is moving to provide them assistance, but not for free.

Over the weekend, Hamas terrorists based in the Gaza Strip stormed a number of Israeli border towns, taking hostages, raping women and inflicting considerable human casualties, including infanticide. The Israel Defense Forces have since launched retaliatory strikes on Gaza and the conflict is ongoing. The State Department confirmedon Thursday that it was working to arrange charter flights for American citizens and their immediate family members.

Flights are slated to begin tomorrow, nearly a week after the first attack. The plight of Americans still inside the country has prompted criticism of the White House for not swiftly removed U.S. citizens.

"[I]t’s a failure once again, on the Biden administration," Georgia Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene said on the "John Solomon Reports" podcast in an interview to be aired Friday. "The same thing happened in Afghanistan, when you know, countless Americans were stranded there in Afghanistan, when Biden pulled our military out and allowed the Taliban to take over the country."

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