Biden Floods America Like Never Before — New Data Reveals His Ultimate Plan

In the past year, President Biden’s officials granted entry to at least one economic immigrant for every American baby born or high school graduate.

According to governmental data issued on October 21, around 3.5 million economic migrants came across the southern border during the government’s fiscal year from October to September.

The Census Bureau, on the other hand, says that 3.67 million Americans were born in the same twelve months in 2022. At least 400,000 of those babies were born to illegal immigrants in 2022.

The influx also makes the 3 million American high school graduates in the 10 months leading up to October 2022 face a lot of competition in the job market.

As expected, the new immigrants are making it too expensive for regular Americans to rent homes.

The New York Times wrote on August 17 that more and more American evicted renters are living in their cars because they can’t afford to rent another place.

Many migrants, on the other hand, are being sped up into American housing by progressive groups paid for by the government and backed by businesses. These groups are becoming more and more disconnected from the interests of regular Americans. One example is what said on October 23 from Chicago.

Biden’s officials reluctantly shared the September numbers on October 21, which showed the year’s inflow. This happened on a Saturday, when not many people follow the news.

When the entry of 341,000 southern migrants in Sept. was added to the total for the year, it brought the total to 2.62 million.

We only sent back 300,000 people from May to September 2023.

The official numbers on the number of people coming from the south didn’t take into account the over 240,000 immigrants who came straight from their home countries on parole or even the approximately 650,000 “gotaways” who sneaked across the border. The number of people crossing the border now stands at about 3.5 million.

The 2.6 million people coming in 2023 are on top of the 2.5 million economic migrants who came in 2021 and 2022. Already, those immigrants were making wages go down and bills go up.

A minimum of one million visa workers who remain for a few months or few years, as well as about one million legal immigrants, are not included in the 2.6 million annual migration from the south projected for 2023. If you add them to the people who came in, Biden brought in two foreigners for every new American.

Six times as many people from the south are coming in 2023 as came in during President Trump’s final year in office when 151,000 people came in.

One and a half million people came in by walking through the border wall on legal routes.

A lot of people from around the world came, like 52,000 Chinese, 93,000 Indians, 51,000 Filipinos, 19,000 Turks, and 292,000 individuals from faraway places like Angola, Cameroon, and the Congo.

Mayorkas also got 163,000 Haitians, 196,000 Cubans, 103,000 Ecuadorians, and 386,000 Mexicans who were easy to remove.

There were 1.55 million single guys and 927,000 women and children traveling with their families.

Author: Scott Dowdy

Vietnamese American Conservative Alliance (VACA)

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