Cuộc chiến giữa Do Thái và bọn Hamas đã bước qua ngày thứ 32…

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Washington, D.C

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** Cuộc chiến giữa Do Thái và bọn Hamas đã bước qua ngày thứ 32…

** Sleepy Joe từ ngày lên ngôi, đã hưởng 400 ngày “nghỉ có lương” !

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Israel Daily News– War Day 32, November 07, 2023

ILTV Israel News

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Israel-Hamas war: IDF moves into ‘heart of Gaza City’

Channel 4 News

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12 Journalists Killed This Week In Israel-Hamas War, Totaling 36 Deaths

At least 12 journalists were killed in the past eight days while covering the ongoing conflict, bringing the total to 36 media worker deaths since Oct. 7.

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Joe Biden In Delaware For Another Vacation – He Has Spent Nearly 400 Days of His Presidency on Vacation without Visitor Logs (VIDEO)

By Cristina Laila Nov. 4, 2023 11:20 am

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Joe Biden on Friday evening headed to Delaware for the third weekend in a row for another vacation amid multiple crises at home and abroad.

80-year-old Biden has spent 395 days – 39% of his presidency – on vacation without visitor logs.

Marine One costs approximately $20,000 per hour and Air Force One costs $177,843 per hour, according to Department of Defense documents. According to a November 2022 estimate, Biden’s Delaware vacations have cost taxpayers at least $11 million. The cost of Biden’s vacations is likely well over $15 million now.

Joe Biden is the ultimate government parasite. He has been in government for nearly 50 years and he’s still leeching off the American taxpayer.

He took no questions as he departed Brunswick Airport after visiting with first responders and victims of the mass shooting in Lewiston, Maine.