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Một số tin tức trong ngày 7/12/2021..

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Xin mời xem Video clip giới thiệu The Tesla Smartphone: Tesla Model Pi 5G 2022, smartphone thế hệ mới, một sản phẩm mới của Elon Musk .

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Elon Musk Revealed The Tesla Smartphone – Tesla Model Pi – YouTube

Elon Musk Revealed The Tesla Smartphone – Tesla Model Pi
Nov 27, 2021

While the world is still basking in the euphoria of Elon Musk’s electric vehicles, space exploration, and self-driving software, the eccentric CEO and billionaire has shown with his latest announcements that he is truly just getting started. Elon Musk, through his company Tesla, is set to release a smartphone called the Tesla Model Pi and this launch has got everyone in the technology game abuzz with excitement. Given his track record of incredible inventions from reusable rockets to self-driving tech, the whole world is buzzing to see what special functionalities Elon would put in his Tesla Model Pi. What would Elon include in his smartphone to make it stand out from the tough competition that’s currently in that space? The Tesla Model Pi has already been predicted to be a real gadget game-changer when it hits the market and researchers have said that it will give other phone competitors a run for their money. Just ask Toyota and NASA, they can testify. Although the release date of the Tesla Model Pi is still being kept secret by the company, the features and design of the gadget are already known.

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Elon Musk Revealed The Tesla Smartphone – Tesla Model Pi – YouTube


Người phụ nữ sinh ra ở Nga Xô, được Joe Biden đề nghị trong chức vụ “Bank Regulator” tên Saule Omarova đã tự động rút lui, sau khi cô ấy ‘mất sự ủng hộ của những thượng nghĩ sĩ dân chủ ôn hòa’, buộc phải từ chối là đảng viên cộng sản VÀ bị bắt vì ăn cắp 214 đô la hàng hóa từ cửa hàng T.J. Maxx vào năm 1995.

Có một dung nhan xấu xí, sặc mùi cộng sản, lại là kẻ ăn cắp, thế mà Joe Biden cũng tiến cử vào một chức vụ của chính phủ liên bang.. Cố đấm ăn xôi, vẫn cố lì qua nhiều phiên điều trần…cho đến khi bị chính bọn dân chủ thổ tả bỏ rơi, mới chịu bỏ cuộc…

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Biden’s Soviet-born pick for bank regulator Saule Omarova DROPS OUT after she ‘lost support of moderate Dems’, was forced to deny being communist AND was arrested for stealing $214 from T.J. Maxx in 1995

· Saule Omarova has withdrawn her nomination to lead a top banking regulator, the White House announced on Tuesday
· Her nomination to had been controversial from the start
· Republicans raised questions about her childhood in Soviet Kazakhstan
· While moderate Democrats expressed concern about her criticism of Wall Street and video showing he saying she wanted oil companies to go bankrupt
· Her nomination appeared doomed with reports that five moderate Democrats said they could no longer support her


PUBLISHED: 16:48 EST, 7 December 2021 | UPDATED: 17:59 EST, 7 December 2021

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Biden’s pick for bank regulator Saule Omarova pulls out after being forced to deny being a communist | Daily Mail Online


Trung cộng đã lên kế hoạch như thế nào để thống trị Đại Tây Dương với các căn cứ hải quân mới cho dùng chiến hạm và tiềm thủy đỉnh ở bờ biển phía tây châu Phi, gây nên mối lo ngại cho Hoa Kỳ ..

How China plans to dominate Atlantic with new naval bases for warships and subs on African west coast sparking US fears
· Niamh Cavanagh
· 6:25 ET, Dec 6 2021
· Updated: 9:44 ET, Dec 6 2021

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How China plans to dominate Atlantic with new naval bases for warships and subs on African west coast sparking US fears (the-sun.com)

CHINA is planning to dominate the Atlantic Ocean with new naval bases for warships and submarines on the west coast of Africa, US intelligence officials have claimed.
A senior official from the Biden Administration said that Beijing intends to establish its first permanent military presence off the coast of Equatorial Guinea.6

Intelligence chiefs believe that China’s president, Xi Jinping, is hoping to convince the leader of the African country of converting the existing port of Bata into a military base.
“As part of our diplomacy to address maritime-security issues, we have made clear to Equatorial Guinea that certain potential steps involving [Chinese] activity there would raise national-security concerns,” the source told The Wall Street Journal.
In 2009, China built up a commercial port in Bata – one of the country’s biggest cities on the mainland.
In October, Joe Biden’s Deputy National Security Advisor, Jonathan Finer, was sent to Equatorial Guinea to speak to President Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo about the urgent matter.
However, the 72-year-old president sent his son to meet with Finer instead.
Following the visit, the apparent heir posted a video to Instagram to thank Finer for the visit on October 19.
A week later, the son tweeted his thanks to a Chinese delegation for the support for his country.
At the end of this month, a senior official from Equatorial Guinea will travel to Senegal to attend the China-Africa forum.
Previously, China approached countries stretching from Mauritania to the south of Namibia, intent on establishing a naval facility.
If realised, that prospect would enable China to base warships in its expanding Navy in the Atlantic as well as the Pacific.
Back in May, U.S. Gen. Stephen Townsend, who heads the U.S. Africa Command, confirmed reports that China was looking to establish a large navy port on the continent’s western coast.
“They’re looking for a place where they can rearm and repair warships,” he told The Sun Online.
“That becomes militarily useful in conflict. They’re a long way toward establishing that in Djibouti.
“Now they are casting their gaze to the Atlantic coast and wanting to get such a base there.”
China’s first overseas naval base was built years ago in Djibouti in the Horn of Africa and it is steadily increasing its capacity.
Gen. Townsend said as many as 2,000 military personnel are at the base, including hundreds of Marines who handle security there.
He said: “They have arms and munitions for sure. They have armored combat vehicles.
“We think they will soon be basing helicopters there to potentially include attack helicopters.”
They are hedging their bets and making big bets on Africa

For some time, many have thought that China was working to establish a naval base in Tanzania, a country on Africa’s eastern coast that has a strong, long-standing military relationship with Beijing.
“The Chinese are outmanoeuvring the U.S. in select countries in Africa,” Gen Townsend said.
“Port projects, economic endeavours, infrastructure and their agreements and contracts will lead to greater access in the future.
“They are hedging their bets and making big bets on Africa.”
The Defense Department’s 2020 report on China’s military power, said China has likely considered adding military facilities to support its naval, air and ground forces in Angola, among other locations.
And it noted that the large amount of oil and liquefied natural gas imported from Africa and the Middle East, make those regions a high priority for China over the next 15 years.
Henry Tugendhat, a senior policy analyst with the United States Institute of Peace, said China has a lot of economic interests on Africa’s west coast, including fishing and oil.
It also has helped finance and build a large commercial port in Cameroon.
Mr Tugendhat said that any effort by Beijing to get a naval port on the Atlantic coast would be an expansion of China’s military presence.
But the desire for ocean access, he said, may be primarily for economic gain, rather than military capabilities.
Gen. Townsend and other regional military commanders laid out their concerns about China during recent congressional hearings.