Real news today (5/9/2022)

A weak administration that is running by a chicken with his head cut off.

From Court-Packing To Leaking To Doxxing: White House Yields To National Rage Addiction

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It is a defining moment for his presidency that, even in the face of such a disgraceful and unethical act, the President cannot muster the courage to condemn it

COVID Cases Explode After White House Media Dinner Becomes Superspreader Event

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"I knew I was taking a risk and, well, here we are!"

Biden Orders Officials To Stop Intel Leaks On Ukraine

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Series of intentional leaks on intelligence sharing is a major provocation to Moscow

Pentagon To Give Ukraine High-Precision Laser-Guided Rockets

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Latest in continuing saga of it’s not a proxy war simply because we insist it’s not a proxy war.

Ron Paul: Who’s Afraid Of Elon Musk?

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…the woke mob and authoritarian establishment’s fear that their policies could not maintain majority support if forced to compete in a free market of ideas

Nolte: Joe Biden’s Baby Formula Shortage Sends Mother into ‘Panic’

John Nolte

Elon Musk’s Pitch for Twitter Includes Major Employee Turnover, Massive Revenue Increases…

Vietnamese American Conservative Alliance (VACA)