The vaccine mandate faces the lawsuits in Australia

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By Hoa TruongMay 19, 2022

Certainly, the vaccine and pandemic treatments are the career of the
medical doctors and the medical specialists. Certainly, health is very
important in society, the medical doctors must be trained strictly,
and having a medical license in practice with the different medical
fields, actually, the medical professionals need to respect, and a
fake medical doctor faces the criminal charge. Even the pharmacists
couldn’t permit to do the career of a medical doctor in the surgery by
issuing the prescription. Therefore, the China virus pandemic was
wrongly responded to by the politicians, actually the vaccine
dictators like the presidents, prime ministers, the governors, the
premiers, and mayors including some CEOs of the private companies to
decide the vaccines, and the treatments. The vaccine dictators rob the
medical career of doctors with the illegal vaccine mandatory to kill
the freedom, and the medical freedom that causes the damaged economy,
the social mayhem, and the unvaccinated people were treated as the
counter-revolutionists in the communist regimes despite recognizing
the vaccines are risky. The vaccine dictators launch the vaccine purge
in society. Therefore, the vaccinated people become the victims of the
wrong medical practices in Western Australia, and Australia, or in
America, and Europe. The vaccinated people were deceived by the trial,
and risky vaccines when the shots were boosted. Moreover, the people
fear the safety when the hypocritical philanthropist, billionaire Bill
Gates invested hundreds of millions of US dollars before the pandemic
with the vaccine brands like AstraZeneca, and Pfizer, so the people
believe the pandemic and vaccines carry out multiple purposes
including the business.

However, the vaccinated people have not been immunized, instead, they
have been struck by the COVID-19, and other viral variants like Delta,
and Omicron. The full dose vaccinated people killed by viruses and
contracted COVID-19. Certainly, the vaccine dictators can not
sophisticate about the effective vaccines, instead, the vaccines are
useless, and waste the taxpayers. Nevertheless, the law defines bodily
harm as committing a crime when whoever uses sharp weapons like a
knife, screwdriver, or a needle to harm someone. Therefore, the
vaccine dictators illegally order millions of millions of people to
jab the unwanted stuff without the agreement, so they breach the law
and commit a criminal charges.

In Western Australia, Labor Premier Mark McGowan applied the toughest
restrictions throughout the pandemic outbreak. Actually, the border
was locked down within 2 years, which damaged the economy, the tourist
industry, the hospitalities, and the heartless restrictions like the
mandatory vaccine applied in hospitals and nursing homes.
Nevertheless, the limits of the vaccine dictators create the mental
health crisis while the Australian government-funded for the mental
health caused by the pandemic, the restrictions of Mark McGowan caused
the mental health crisis, someone committed suicide after the family
isolated for a long time and the vaccine mandatory terrorizes the
people. The vaccine dictators ignore the law and waive the people with
the protests, and petitions. Moreover, the deadly side effects are the
crimes of the vaccine dictators. In 2020, when the high tide of a
pandemic outbreak, Premier Mark McGowan was biased, his comrade
billionaire Kerry Stoker waived 14 days of quarantine after returning
from Florida while everyone must stay two weeks in a hotel.
Nevertheless, Premier Mark McGowan chose Police Commissioner Chris
Dawson to take the vaccine commander (now, Mark McGowan appoints the
Governor in Western Australia). During the restrictions, the police
force in Western Australia used to patrol, and arrest the unvaccinated
people in restaurants, and the social facilities, although, the
unvaccinated people are not criminals.

Eventually, Premier Mark McGowan eased the restrictions because the
federal election will be held on May 21, 2022. Possibly, his comrade
is Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese panics when the toughest
restrictions of Mark McGown damaged the Labor in the federal election,
so Albanese came four times in Western Australia, and Labor Party
spends the advertising to woo the ballots in this state. Despite the
infection rose up to 10,000 cases a day, even 17,000, therefore, Mark
McGown doesn’t impose the lockdown, mask mandatory, and vaccine proof
in the businesses, the social facilities as before. It proves Premier
Mark McGowan knows the passive responses and the darn solutions are
illegal, and everyone recognizes all restrictions breach medical

According to the Daily Mail Australia an article published on May 16,
2022, written by Olivia, and Tim Domin for the Australian Association
Press. The Local Council voted to sue the Labor government of Premier
Mark McGowan imposing the vaccine mandatory for the people. The
council of Pilbara, Port Hedland with the unanimous councilors voted
to sue the Labor government of Premier Mark McGowan imposing the tough
vaccination mandates. The illegal restrictions of Mark McGowan
affected deeply the workers in hospitals, health centers, Ambulance,
and the public sectors like trains, and buses. The people believe the
deaths of patients caused the shortage of medical workers, so the
health system in Western Australia conflicts with the promise of
health care, aged care and child care of his comrade Anthony Albanese
launches in the federal election campaign.

The lawsuits of councils in Western Australia that opens the legal
actions against the tyrant vaccine dictator Mark McGowan will interest
the other councils in the state, and the businesses, the victims of
vaccine mandatory jabbed many shots therefore, the immunity is
nothing. The circumstance in Western Australia can apply the lawsuits
against the vaccine dictators in Australia, and somewhere else,
actually, the victims can seek the compensation of the damaged
businesses plus the death toll and injuries caused by the vaccines/.