China has developed economy without fundemental foundation

By Hoa TruongJune 7, 2022

The building must have a strong foundation to guarantee safety, and the foundation does need to remain for the development of the national economy. Most Western countries built the economy on the solid foundations of the financial system, the technology, the domestic and global market, and the labor market, actually, freedom is the key to helping national development. Therefore, the major communist countries including the vestige communist regime in Russia lost the key to developing the country when the free speech gags, the censor and dictatorial government killed the national talents. Socialism conducts poverty, obscurantism and brainwashing nullifies freedom, so the invention is framed into the cage of communist paradise. Despite the free speech respect in America, however, the left big tech communication companies like Google, Facebook, and Twitter have exploited the communication business to gag the free speech by the censor with the technological devices plus the secondary sensor of NOPES and Factcheck to attack the democracy, and the fake news companies have misled the public, so the people fight to get back the free speech and boycott the psychological warfare of communism. Certainly, communist regimes like China have invested propaganda in the Western, and the left parties are the tools. Therefore, the private media and big tech couldn’t frame the national development while the communist regimes use the government’s power with terror to gag free speech.

After the Global Communist Bloc in Europe, including the cradle of communism in Russia, collapsed in the early 1990s, China’s Communist Party, Vietnam, Laos, Cuba, and North Korea remain. Therefore, the communist countries must apply the deceitful tactic that reflects the term” the free market is led by socialism”. Moreover, the Soviet Union changed, therefore, the vestige of the Red Empire has not been removed yet, and former KGB agent Vladimir Putin tries to restore the Soviet Union with hegemonic ambition. The Ukraine invasion on February 24, 2022, exposes the vestige of communism hiding in the Russian Federation.

China’s Communist Party has exploited the innocence of the Western, the term’s leaders limited the presidents, prime ministers, and the left parties putting the comradeship, the communism above the national interest plus the national security, actually the United States enriched the global hegemonic ambition of China’s Communist Party after the historic visit to Beijing of the US President Richard Nixon in 1972 opened an opportunity for China to infiltrate the Western, and the free market to help the global hegemonic ambition. China’s Communist Party replaced the authentic government of the Chinese people in the Chinese people in the United Nations, China succeeded to establish the henchman, Dogtor Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the first director-general of the World Health Organization selected the communist, and terrorist without a medical doctoral degree leads the W.H.O. Nevertheless, the United Nations is led by Secret-General Antonio Guterres, the hardcore communist. On the other hand, the global hegemonic strategy of China spread worldwide, including the international organizations.

However, China’s Communist Party has developed the economy based on the socialism called Maoists with the free speech gagged, and education applies the rule called” the family record wins over the talent”. The talent shortage is solved by the stolen technology with the technological burglars who are the overseas students, the cyber spy network with the prominent unit 61389 of the People’s Liberation Army, and the treasonous academics in Western helped China to acquire the high technology without research. Therefore, the weak fundament plus the corruption hampered China’s development, so China’s economy bubbled with the propaganda on the mainland, and the terror propagandists in Western misleading the fake development of China. The left animal media companies, and the left big tech communication companies become the propaganda machine in Western are the domestic thugs of communication intoxicating the education and society. Therefore, the Western people woke up after seeing the global hegemonic ambition of the world’s largest population threatening.

The truth can not conceal, actually, the China virus pandemic hits back at China’s mainland as quoted as” the sword made by China to stab Chinese”. The world recognized China as the culprit of the biological warfare, and China is isolated by its pandemic, the untold sanctions to ruin China’s economy from December 2019. The collapse of the Evergrande Group that broke the backbone of China’s communist regime, inflation is a problem, and China’s investors plunged into the global market. Nevertheless, the stock market is the forte of the Global Deep State, and the Western investors, so China faces difficulties although Beijing infiltrated Wall Street.

The excessive capital of the greedy plan called One Belt-Road Initiative is uncertain, the initial cost was $US 4 trillion that doubled after the global economy was crippled by the China virus pandemic. Some countries fell into the debt trap of China facing the national security problem when the people’s outrage, recently, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran was replaced by Shehbaz Sharif, and Sri Lanka Prime Min Mahinda Rajapaksa was replaced by Ranil Wickremesinghe. Nevertheless, the piratical stations in Indochina Pacific aggravated the budget, instead, China faces hostility in the region. The people power of China’s Communist Party conflicts with the overridden ambition, so China couldn’t avoid the big problem when the economy was disabled. The domestic economy and the global market plunged because of the debt escalation, the world’s second-largest economic center has weakened in 2017, and the debt market from 2017 to 2020 was estimated at 10.3 trillion US dollars or 246.5 % of GDP. After the pandemic, nowadays, the massive debt of China amounted to $US 14 trillion, or 300 % of GDP. The power struggle between the rivals cost more damage to China’s economy. The pandemic outbreak conducted by the lockdown in Shanghai and Beijing should be the pandemic revolution launched by Xi Jinping to eliminate the wing of Jiang Zemin and others. Whatever, the block down worsens China’s economy.

The Ukraine invasion or the BIDEN WAR baffled the aggressive attitude of China to invade Taiwan when the advanced weapons and the modern military materials made by Russia were shoddy, so China considers carefully the plan to invade Taiwan, nevertheless, Taiwan acquired the modern weapons of the United States, and Taiwan can launch the missiles to China’s mainland including the Three Gorges Dam. The arms trade of the Russian Federation loses global customers like India, Indonesia, Vietnam, and other nations. Nevertheless, the overridden ambition of China faces a problem when China’s economy doesn’t respond to the massive spending worldwide while the native people in the debt trapped nations oppose the barbaric regime in Beijing. The world watches out for the global hegemonic ambition of China’s Communist Party, and also concerned the giant with the foot of clay has stuck into the mud of deep debt, the economy plunged, although China currently raises the mouthpiece to intimidate the world like North Korea launching the missiles

Do not fear what the communists do

Let’s do what the communists fear.

Despite China’s Communist Party trying to gain psychological warfare, the fake news companies in Western have been boycotted by the public. The quagmire of the global hegemonic ambition becomes the deadlock of China’s Communist Party, the greedy power commits suicide when the costs blow up, instead, the global hostility is hampered, and Beijing deals with disadvantages in trade, and diplomats. The aggressive attitude of China couldn’t intimidate its counterparts including the debt trap countries. Nevertheless, the left parties are the comrades of China who must follow the people, if not the next election will lose, so the Australian Leninist Party has won the rigged election in 2022 with the small parties, and independents prefer. The Australian election loopholes created the loser with 30% of primary voters while the Coalition won 35% of primary voters. Possibly the boggle Prime Minister Anthony Albanese must do the national policies, and the major population, although he wants to impose the hell of communist paradise in Australia/.


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