The Cultural Excrement in Hell of communist paradise

By Hoa TruongJune 9, 2022

The different concerns, and use the human waste apply between the hell of communist paradise and the Western countries reflect the economic development of the communist regimes on agriculture including the fish industry based on the excrement while the Western countries don’t use the human excrement causes the hygiene and avoid the diseases carrying out by the viruses. The communists don’t care about the health of people, so the excrement becomes the essential fertilizer that costs nothing. The obscurantism, the brainwashing, and the poverty are the essential policies, and anything must be led by socialism. The communist regimes applaud and highlight the cultural excrement making the food, and export the agricultural products

The major Asian communist countries do love the human excrement, the main development is based on agriculture with the rice farms, the vegetable farms including the fish industry in Vietnam. China’s communist regime and Vietcong terror regime traditionally apply the human excrement in the government farmlands after the social purge eliminated all components and the counter-revolutionary people.

After the Geneva Conference was signed on July 20, 1954, South Vietnam applied a democratic government while North Vietnam was governed by the communist party called the Vietnamese Workers’ Party to cheat innocent people and the world. The tyrant leader Hồ Chí Minh imposed socialism on the people with the bloodshed campaign labeled the Landlord Reform to kill the wealthy people, the intellectuals, and other components. The victims were up to a million (Vietcong reported 200,000 people killed), and other hundreds of thousands of the counter-revolutionary families were sent to the forced labor camps located in the deep jungle. The social purge called class struggle wiped out the national talent that becomes an economic disadvantage. Vietnam’s Communist Party reset the Northern with the totalitarian regime when all private land was confiscated, and the people became the agricultural slaves. The pedophile, tyrant leader Hồ Chí Minh said” the people are the precious assets of socialism”. The Vietnamese people used in Indochina War, the Vietnam War, and the domestic conflicts between Vietnam’s communist regime with master China, and Khmer Rouge called Sino-Vietnamese Conflicts (1979-1990). During the Vietnam War, North Vietnam used the females as the sex-servants (Nữ Hộ Lý) for the high profiles, commanders, and commissars of the People’s Army of Vietnam, it was the public whore of socialism. At Saigon, a female university student named Vũ Kim Hạnh joined the protests against South Vietnam, she ran away and hid in the jungle. Therefore, Kim Hạnh didn’t do the revolutionary activities as propaganda, instead, she became the servant of chief Public Security Guard Mai Chí Thọ. The fallen terrorist Nguyễn Văn Trổi was arrested and executed, he just married a month, and his wife named Quyên ran away to the secret base of Vietcong, she was the public whore of socialism, she served for the high ranking cadres in Hồ Chí Minh trails, and sent to North met Hồ Chí Minh, and Vietcong sent her to Cuba, then lived 6 months with Fidel Castro. On the other hand, the communists have used the people for all purposes including human waste like urine, and excrement. Therefore, Hồ Chí Minh and its communist party obeyed the orders of two great masters China’s Communist Party and the Soviet Union to create the Vietnam War to barbecue more than 1,500,000 Vietcong troops. The hell of communist paradise in Vietnam periled the people when the male was sent to the Southern by Hồ Chí Minh trials, and the female replaced the male in the government farm, factories, and other productivity. The fertilizer was a big problem, so the regime used human excrement on the rice farms and vegetable land. Some farmlands forced the peasants (agricultural slaves) to contribute the excrement that counted to the monthly food ration. The peasants must defecate enough the criteria as the rules, if not their ratio is reduced. The peasants must keep their shit safe because someone could steal it, so North Vietnam had a proverb” socialism means the toilet enclosed”. Nevertheless, Four Stars General Nguyễn Chí Thanh (pro-China) activated the human excrement use in the agriculture, the people had the verses:

Appaud comrade Nguyễn Chí Thanh

He returns with the excrement and mulch inundated the farmland

(Hoan hô đồng chí Nguyễn Chí Thanh

Anh về phân bắc, phân xanh đầy đồng)

The hell of communist paradise in China is the same circumstance, the human excrement becomes the main fertilizer, so the rice, fruits, and vegetables exported from China fear the foreign consumers, the poison and contamination plus the unhygienic food cost the health budget in Western and other countries. Australian people and the government raised the alarm about the berries imported from China. Nevertheless, the fish called Basa fillet is terrible, in Vietnam, the term called” Uncle Ho Fish Pond” is the economic pattern in the family toilet, the people use the human excrement to feed a kind of fish named Vồ. Certainly, the Vietnamese refugees know the Basa fillet comes from the Uncle’s Ho Fish Pond, and they don’t buy it while the people in Western don’t know the process. Moreover, the fish and prawn farms in Vietnam, and China used the banned chemicals, and the Western governments warned. Human excrement becomes the economic strategy applied in agriculture in the hell of the communist paradise. In Vietnam the excrement market at Cổ Nhuế village, an outskirt of Hanoi, the excrement sellers display their products coming from the family toilet or picked up somewhere else. Some dishonest people made the fake excrement to sell on the market and the local police arrested them, in the hell of communist paradise, even the excrement is fake. The communist paradise is the den of counterfeit, the stolen trademarks, so anything can be fake. The mongrel communists in Western favor the fake news, false polls, and fabricated stories.

The prison camps and the re-education camps of China and Vietnam are clean. Daily, the prisoners take out their excrement from the public toilet and using as the best quality fertilizer on the farmland. China and Vietnam should be the symbolic countries of the W.T.O (World Toilet Organization) founded in Singapore in 2001, the founder is Jack Sim. Nowadays, the World Toilet Organization has 151 members in 53 countries. The activity was highlighted at the World Toilet Summit, and the United Nations was interested. Certainly, China and Vietnam must join the World Toilet Organization (W.T.O) than the World Trade Organization (also called W.T.O). Possibly, China and Vietnam should be leading the World Toilet Organization, therefore, China abuses the World Trade Organization.

China and Vietnam’s communist regime do love the excrement of the Western people with the high quality, and the excrement professionals concerned the people eating the healthy food that makes the best excrement. Therefore, the Western countries don’t sell the excrement that deals with hygiene and the expectation of the lives of people. If the Western countries export the human excrement, China and Vietnam are the favorite customers. According to the report of the United Nations, annually, seven billion people released more than 200 million tons of excrement on the rivers, lakes, and bushes. The hell of communist countries does love the excrement while the Western countries don’t use it on the farm and for any purposes. Excrement is a form of hoax climate change when the human excrement replaces the fertilizer factories, and the dioxide reduces. However, China uses human excrement and also releases the dioxide to make the solar power, and electric cars and China becomes the number one country makes the pollution.

In the United States, the 46th illegal president Joe Biden robbed the White House on January 20, 2021. The mongrel communist Joe Biden totally imposes the hell of communist paradise in the world’s wealthiest country, the hoax climate change to shut down Keystone Pipeline, and destroys the industry. The US agriculture affects by the high costs of fertilizer, so the human excrement should apply as China, and Vietnam used it. Therefore, the American people will reject the deceitful climate change of mongrel communist Joe Biden. NASA admits that climate change occurs causes of the changes in Earth’s solar orbit, not the fossil energies. However, the mid-term congressional election will be held on November 8, 2022, which is an opportunity for the American people to expel the presidential robber Joe Biden and his Blue Donkey MAFIA gang, and the farmers will return to normal, with no excrement/.