The US people uproot the Blue donkey Mafia gang

By Hoa Truong June 17, 2022

The Democratic Party was founded in 1828 by Andrew Jackson, therefore,
the original character of the political party has been rotten, and
ruined by the multiple dishonest components are the communists, the
mongrel communists, the corrupt politicians, the cabals of the Global
Deep State to transform the Democratic Party to the criminal gang, or
the Blue Donkey MAFIA gang. The demagogic policies and the rhetoric
propaganda of the Democratic Party were debunked after the American
people discovered the hidden communist party in the United States has
deceived the people. Communism renames globalization, and the
Democratic Party focuses on the new world order, then the Only World
Government. Initially, the Blue Donkey MAFIA gang resets the United
States with the communism, the obscurantism, the brainwashing, the
impoverishment plus the terror applied by the terror tools are the
Black Lives Matter and Antifa. The label of the hoax climate change,
the Black Supremacy, and the public denouncement shatter and divide
the unity of the United States. Throughout the history of the
Democratic Party, the corruption, treason, and communist stance
exposed, actually the thuggish presidents like Bill Clinton, Barrack
Obama, and now the 46th illegal president Joe Biden to Make America
Worsens Ever (MAWE), and the American people line up to Make America
Great Again (MAGA) with the great leader is the patriotic President
Donald Trump who restores the patriotism. After nearly 200 years of
establishment, nowadays, the Blue Donkey MAFIA gang is led by
Chairperson Jaime Harrison, the political worm Joe Biden, and the bed
leader Kamala Harris. The political party, business, and even religion
do need the customers, clients, supporters, and adherents. The people
decide the fate of the business, the political party in the democratic
countries, and religion like the fish that needs the water. Therefore, the
Democratic Party ignores, and snubs the people, instead, the
Democratic Party appeared as the real face of the activities of the
bandit gang, so the US people uproot the Blue Donkey MAFIA gang in the
futuristic elections, including the world, and allies distrust the
Democratic Party,

After more than a year robbed the White House, the 46h illegal
president Joe Biden, vice presidential robber Kamala Harris, and the
Blue Donkey MAFIA conducted the wealthiest country on the planet into
the hell of communist paradise, and the United States is underway to
cop Venezuela. The United States become the strongest base and led the
world in to fight against communism during the Cold War.
Unfortunately, the innocent people didn’t recognize the hidden
communist party has operated in the anti-communism citadel for a long
time while the Democratic Party silently transformed the United States
into the hell of communist paradise. The US people woke up and
realized the communist methods of the first Muslim, communist, and
black President Barrack Obama, and now the presidential robber Joe
Biden to impoverish the country, and the people must stand up to fight
for freedom plus survival.

Almost, the American people suffered the highest price of petrol, the
highest inflation in 40 years, the social mayhem, and the criminals
freely activate under the protection of Biden’s regime, nevertheless,
the Democratic states like New York, and California reflects the
paradise of crimes. Actually, Black Lives Matter and Antifa currently
terrorize the people. Moreover, Joe Biden unleashed the border to help
the illegal migrants enter the United States covered by the taxpayers,
the felons, terrorists, drug syndicates, the espionage agents threaten
the national security.

The White House’s robbery humiliated the prestige of America and
unmasked the bush law when six Justices of Shit in the Supreme Shit
and Senate Speaker of Shit Mike Pence robbed the White House by the
distorted constitution. Therefore, the robbers with the wooden hammers
are shameless and joined the mongrel ape line of Karl Marx’s ape
lineage. Nevertheless, from January 20, 2021, the White House has no
president, instead of the presidential robber Joe Biden who is the
professional reader of a teleprompter in the speech, and Biden’s
speech does need to translate from Biden’s language in the United
States. Possibly, the mongrel ape Joe Biden speaks the ape’s language,
not American, or English language. Moreover, vice-presidential robber
Kamala Harris is a potential politician in bed and has the ugly
laughing skill as the career to rule the United States. The inhumane
policies of the mongrel communist party in America become the untold,
and unindicted genocide with the abortion law to kill millions of
unborn babies, and recently, the newborn babies face a shortage of
powdered milk. The people are outraged and believe Joe Biden and the
Blue Donkey MAFIA gang want to destroy the American people, the target
aims for the children. When the US population declines, the illegal
migrants, communists, the foreign leftists would replace, and the Blue
Donkey MAFIA will control the US ever by the rigged election.

The mid-term congressional election will be held on November 8, 2022,
which projects the big loss ever of the Blue Donkey MAFIA gang.
Whoever pays the highest petrol, and the inflation is highest in 40
years, and the livelihood threat, they will not vote for Democratic
candidates. The horrible disaster in America causes the Democratic
Party is going to wipe out the federal, state, and local governments
in the future elections. There are no safe seats for Democrats after
the destruction of the 46th illegal president Joe Biden applied the
communist methods. The strongholds of the Blue Donkey MAFIA gang will
be eradicated when the people boycott. The congressional seats and
senators have a big swing that will not keep, like the seat of
Democratic Congresswoman Jennifer Wexton of Virginia’s 10th District,
she won 12% in the last election. Therefore, the patriotic former Navy
Colonel Hung Cao will defeat if 5% of Wexton abandoned her in the
mid-term congressional election in 2022.

Despite the disaster of the mid-term congressional election in
November 2022 is still waiting for them. Therefore, Democrats should
be lost at least 75 seats in Congress which means political sorceress
Nancy Pelosi will lose the House Speaker, and the Senate will be
controlled by Republicans. Certainly, the mongrel communist, tyrant
Joe Biden and the Blue Donkey MAFIA gang stray the disaster in Ukraine
invasion, or the Biden War, the wicked hunts focus on the patriotic
President Donald Trump, his family members, and advisors like
Steve Bannon, Peter Navarro. The Blue Donkey MAFIA gang crazily reacts
without a solution, the quagmire couldn’t wade, instead the boycott

The loss of state election in Texas creates fear and extreme panic
when the Republican candidate Mayra Flores beats Democratic candidate
Dan Sanchez with 51% and 43%. The Mexican-American becomes the first
Latina Republican to serve Texas in Congress, she makes the historic
record to uproot the Democratic candidate in their homeland. Texas’s
34th Congressional District located in South Texas is the stronghold
of the Democratic Party dominated from 150 years ago. Almost, the
Democratic Presidents gained the strong support of the electoral
people. In 2012, President Barrack Obama got 61% while Mitt Romney had
38%. In 2016, Hillary Clinton had 59% and Donald Trump got 37%. In the
presidential election 2020, Joe Biden got 51%, and Donald Trump had
47% (the highest score of the Republican presidential candidate).
However, Texas’s 34th Congressional District is just an electoral
unit, so President Donald Trump won Texas in both presidential
elections in 2016 and 2020. Therefore, the trifling rigged election to
rob the White House although Donald Trump won 49 states out of 50
states. The 2020 presidential robbery conducts the loss of Democrats
when the majority of the population abandons the hidden communist party.

Certainly, Joe Biden and the Blue Donkey MAFIA gang were extremely
shocked by the loss of Texas’s 34th Congressional District. This seat
was held by Filmon Vela for 10 years and retired, then Dan Sanchez was
replaced, and lost. The disaster of South Texas increases the panic,
therefore, the mongrel communist Joe Biden, and the Blue Donkey MAFIA
gang do nothing for survival while the situation aggravates day by
day, and Joe Biden continues to impose the communist methods into
America, and also leading the Democratic Party into the national

After the mid-term congressional election in 2022, possibly,
Republican Party advances and controls Congress, and Senate, so the
rigged election in 2020 should push Democrats to disband when the
White House robbery carried out with the illegal president Joe Biden,
and Democrats should pay all costs of the 2020 presidential election.
If they can not pay, bankruptcy is possible to apply. Initially, the
corruption and the greedy power of Joe Biden and his family members
pushed Democrats to the end. Its reason explains the presidential robber
Joe Biden and the Blue Donkey MAFIA gang fall into the extreme panic,
the fate of Biden, the illegal cabinet and the Democrats will decide
after November 8, 2022.


Hoa Truong
Liên Minh Bảo Thủ Mỹ Gốc Việt
Vietnamese American Conservative Alliance (VACA)