Megyn Kelly Destroyed the January 6 Committee With This Devastating Truth

The January 6 Committee thinks they have Donald Trump nailed.

But the committee and the rest of the Trump haters found out some bad news.

And Megyn Kelly destroyed the January 6 Committee with this devastating truth.

Activists in the corporate media and Nancy Pelosi’s handpicked attack dogs on the January 6 Committee celebrated the testimony of obscure low-level Trump aide Cassidy Hutchinson as deliver the smoking gun that will lead to criminal charges against Trump.

Cassidy testified that Trump tried to choke his secret service detail and grab the steering wheel of the Presidential SUV after the Secret Service refused to drive Trump to the Capitol following his speech at a rally on January 6.

In addition, Cassidy testified that Donald Trump demanded the Secret Service take down the metal detectors to allow armed rally goers to attend and then march to the Joint Session of Congress.

Much of Cassidy’s testimony was hearsay and fantastical.

On her podcast, Megyn Kelly explained to listeners that the committee sacrificed its credibility and exposed itself as another witch hunt against Donald Trump by putting on witnesses like Hutchinson who got caught telling falsehoods.

“It cloaks itself in sanctimony, purporting to be a fair-minded, down-the-middle finder of fact, just looking to get to the truth of January 6th,” Kelly stated. “It’s a lie. And they prove every time they get together it’s a lie.”

Kelly added that Hutchinson’s testimony was so full of holes that a first-year law student could have dissected the tale Hutchison weaved.

“What actually happened?” Kelly continued. “Did the Secret Service stop screening people? Were they let in? No one has suggested that … A first year law student could have driven a truck through the holes in that testimonial. Unfortunately, none was present yesterday, never mind a full-fledged lawyer presenting Donald Trump’s defense or even just pressing the witness on certain problems with her testimony.”

The point of the committee is to present a one-sided picture of Trump’s actions to pressure highly political Attorney General Merrick Garland to indict Donald Trump.

Nancy Pelosi banned Trump supporters from serving on the committee and instead appointed two pliant Never Trump puppets.

The committee wanted a lack of cross examination and adversarial process so as not to interfere with the narrative it planned to present.

Committee members never checked with the Secret Service to confirm Hutchinson’s claim that she heard Donald Trump attacked his agents and tried to commandeer an SUV.

That’s because the Secret Service agents involved later stated that they would testify under oath that Donald Trump never assaulted them or tired to grab the steering wheel of the SUV.

Hutchinson also told another falsehood about writing a note that was text of a message Trump was supposed to deliver telling people at the Capitol to go home.

Hutchinson’s story was full of holes and the committee let her testify with full knowledge her testimony was either hearsay or unconfirmed.

And that’s because – as Megyn Kelly explained – this entire exercise is a fishing expedition.

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