Sự thay đổi khí hậu là nguyên nhân chính của giá dầu tăng trong nhiệm kỳ của Lú Lẫn


By Hoa TruongJuly 7, 2022

The tools of communism are the communist parties, the mongrel communist parties in democratic countries called by different names, the leftists, the left stream media line, and the big tech communication companies. The tools of the Global Deep State are the cabals, the corrupt politicians, actually, the global hoax of climate change has become the most dangerous movement on the planet that has spread for a long time. The innocent people have slept and supported the most dangerous thugs for a long time.

Nevertheless, the era of Democratic President Bill Clinton promoted and activated the hoax climate change movement started with the label called pollution protection. The rhetoric of hoax climate change of Bill Clinton, and the Democratic Communist Party plus the left parties in the democratic countries have deceived the people. Despite the hoax, the climate change movement has attacked the national interest, livelihood, jobs, and industry and helped China’s Communist Party to gain a huge profit plus enriched the global hegemonic ambition.

The thuggish President Bill Clinton illegally received the finance provided by China’s super espionage agent John Huang in the presidential election in 1992, and in the presidential election in 1996, Chinese espionage agent Charlie Trie contributed the election funds. China interfered deeply in the US presidential election, therefore, Democrats and the FBI, and the Supreme Court waived, instead the false accusation of Russian intervention in the US presidential election in 2016 focusing on the patriotic President Donald Trump targeting the wicked hunt throughout nearly four years. Eventually, the Special Counsel found nothing, actually, the fake dossiers were written by the former British Intelligence agent Christopher Steele discovered, that Hillary Clinton paid $US 168,000 for the fabricated dossiers

After Bill Clinton got the office, the central leftist Bill Clinton repaid the boon for China’s Communist Party by the US interest, actually, Bill Clinton intended to hand over the top military secret of GPS (Global Positioning System). If the Congress, and Senate didn’t stop, China would acquire the GPS, and the Intercontinental Ballistic Missile with a nuclear warhead could strike exactly any position in the United States. The US national interest was exchanged with the individual interests of Bill Clinton and China. It is the presidential business that has applied to most terms of Democratic presidents like Bill Clinton, Barrack Obama and now the 46th illegal president Joe Biden sold the future interest of the United States with $US 1.5 billion that China paid for Hunter Biden. The American people may watch out for the corrupt politicians, actually the Democratic politicians including the presidents. The people vote for patriotic presidents like Donald Trump and do not vote for the presidents to do the presidential business. The treasonous presidents like Bill Clinton, Barrack Obama, and the presidential robber Joe Biden are the traitors.

The hoax climate change movement made a long-term profit for China when Bill Clinton exploited the position of the superpower as the US president leading Western to curb the industry labeled climate change, protecting the earth, and the demagogic rhetoric has propagated the deceitful climate. The left stream media companies, the left big tech communication companies using the media to lie to the public about the hoax climate change. Actually, the deceitful word called FUTURE is a magical spell of the political sorcerers, sorceresses to cheat innocent people, including the young generations. All left parties have used the label of the hoax climate change as the shield to cover the fallen economic policy, and also carry out the deep conspiracy to help the Global Deep State in the globalization, the new world order, and other purposes. The future of the hoax climate change movement, and the left politicians are like the communists talking about the communist paradise that has never come

Unfortunately, the hoax of climate change has deceived the world although more than 30,000 scientists proved that climate change is a hoax. China gained a lot of interest from the hoax climate change while the industry in Western curb using fossil energy, therefore, China freely releases dioxide. The term” home wise, and folly market” of Western reflects in the hoax climate change movement when the left parties, the leftists, and the innocent people kill the national industry, the livelihood and use the label of climate change to make a profit for China to sell solar power.

The hoax climate change movement rooted for a long time in Western politics, education, society, including religions. The hoax climate change is the hidden conspiracy of multiple evil forces, it doesn’t rule out the Global Deep State, China’s Communist Party, and others who back the global climate change movement. Commonly, the hoax climate change activists and the supporters, including the religious leaders are not scientists. Instead, they blindly support the hoax climate change like the innocent Western blindly supported Vietcong terror in the Vietnam War. The psychological warfare in the Cold War and the hoax of climate change have intoxicated people’s minds worldwide. Certainly, the left stream media line has propagated the so-called earth being hotter, the sea level rising with the deceitful pictures, and the sham scenes broadcast on television. Indeed, all lies were debunked when the predictions of the hoax climate change Pope Al Gore, the hoax climate change Apostles like Dogtor Tim Flannery in Australia conflicted with the disgraced climate change prophets. The professionals are ruling out the climate change activists and supporters. The hoax climate change activists and supporters are like the farmers talking about medicine, pathology, the medical treatments, and cancer. Certainly, nobody listens to the” farming doctors”. Unfortunately, the illiterate climate change activists and the illiterate supporters activated the most dangerous movement on the planet more than 50 years ago. Actually, the hoax climate change activists are

-Former Vice President Al Gore, a lawyer, was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2007 despite having no peace record. Nowadays, the hoax climate change supporters and activists consider Al Gore is like the Pope of religious hoax climate change, so his speech values hundreds of thousands of US dollars. Moreover, Al Gore became the first climate change billionaire.

-Religious leaders like Pope Francis, 150 religious leaders in Australia are not scientists, instead of the professional bible. Therefore they activate the hoax climate change

-The Secretary-General Antonio Guterres of the United Nations, is a hardcore communist. Moreover, Antonio Guterres approved the Swedish teenager Greta Thunberg to lecture the world at the US Assembly General

-Most left parties and left politicians are hoaxes climate change activists.

-The students in high schools and universities become the Green Guard like the Red Guard of Mao Tse Tung in the Culture Revolution (1966-1976). Nowadays, the Green Guard activates the hoax climate change revolution spread worldwide.

-The innocent people are intoxicated by the hoax climate change propaganda.

-Prince Charles, Prince Harris, and Prince William are the Apostles of the religious hoax climate change.

The hoax climate change movement is the cause of the world mayhem, the current protests, and the national economy harmed by the so-called pollution, the earth’s protection. Certainly, coal, oil, gas, and fracking are the main targets of the hoax climate change. Actually, when the left party is elected in the government, the workers lose their job, and the industry and factories face a shortage of fossil energy while solar power and windmills couldn’t respond to the demand for production. The hypocritical politicians of the hoax climate change, and the high profiles calling to stop releasing the dioxide while they always travel with the jets, luxury cars, not by foot, bicycle, horses, and donkey. Certainly, they have not traveled with solar power jets. Do not listen to the hoax climate change activists talk, let’s watch what they did. The climate belongs to multiple reasons like El Nino, La Nina, and NASA confirms the cause of climate comes from the solar system, not the fossil. On the other hand, the hoax climate change movement robs the authority of God.

The hoax climate change movement helps China to make a huge profit by selling solar power, and batteries. On the other hand, the hoax about climate change killed the national industry and boosted China’s products. The climate change activists and supporters are the dangerous domestic thugs to conduct China’s Communist Party controlling the world including the Western countries. It doesn’t rule out that the oil moguls are the hidden members of the Global Deep State, so the hoax climate change activists and their supporters have activated the main profit of oil moguls. The Global Deep State, oil moguls, and the cabals recognize the major population on the planet are the poor, and low-income earners. Mostly the cars running on petrol are helpful in daily transport. Moreover, the major military vehicles, the public cars use petrol, so the low petrol price could help the people, country, and army reduce the cost. Therefore, the Global Deep State, and oil moguls are not happy. Instead, the crude oil price rises, and the wars plus the conflicts cause the petrol price hikes, and the oil moguls sell less quantity of crude oil and make more profit.

The hoax climate change activists and the leftist governments shut down the oil field, coal mines, gas, and freaking to create the fake petrol shortage, and the consumers must pay more, and the foods, goods plus anything rise plus the inflation affects the people. So the hoax climate change activists and the supporters are the untold culprits of the petrol crisis. The people couldn’t recognize the hoax climate change movement destroying the economy, jobs, and livelihood. Instead, the leftist government, and left media line shifting the pollution to the fossil, and petrol cars while the electric car is expensive, and the distance limited, the speed does not respond to the demands in the transport, moreover, the batteries are expensive. When the crude oil price rises, the major poor and low-income earners are the victims, therefore, the hoax climate change activists and supporters continue to attack the fossil.

The hoax climate change movement is covered by the label of pollution, the earth protection, and the deceitful propaganda has intoxicated the people for a long time. However, after the White House robbery occurred on January 20, 2021, the mongrel communist Joe Biden exposed the culprits of the petrol price hikes by shutting the Keystone Pipeline and also handed over the oil and gas to Vladimir Putin. Moreover, the Ukraine invasion aggravates the petrol price hikes, and the global petrol crisis created by Joe Biden. Behind the 46th illegal President, Joe Biden is the Global Deep State, and the oil moguls, including Vladimir Putin, Venezuela, the Middle East, Iran, and others.

The hoax climate change activists and supporters are the culprits of the petrol price hikes, the inflation, the living costs rises, the national crisis, and the livelihood threat. The people watch out for the world’s dangerous movement called the hoax climate change, the dangerous thugs, and the innocent traitors to help China controls the world, and the electric care is a farce. The Global Deep State, the oil moguls, and other enemies have used the innocent people in the Western as the undercovered active force to destroy the economy, actually the industry, and the mining jobs axed with the deceitful label called the earth protection. Nowadays, the people pay the high petrol price, the inflation, the livelihood threat, and living costs rise. All come from the hoax climate change movement/.