Liz Cheney is the beloved dog of ape Nancy Pelosi

By Hoa Truong July 18, 2022

After the White House robbery occurred on January 20, 2021, the chain
of culprits appeared to the public including the RINOs in the Supreme
Court with Chief Justice John Roberts, Justice Neil Gorsuch, Justice
Brett Kavanaugh, and Justice Amy Coney Barrett, the coward traitor
Mike Pence, Attorney General William Barr, the RINOs in Senate like
Senator Mitt Romney, Senator Mitch McConnell, and others lined up to
pass the destructive orders of the presidential robber Joe Biden to
make America worsens aver (MAWE).

Nevertheless, the famous RINOs in Congress, the prominent traitors
like the Republican Representative Elizabeth Lynn Cheney (Liz Cheney)
born on July 28, 1966, in Wyoming. She inherits the prestige, and
power in the Republican Party from her father Dick Cheney, two terms
of the US vice president of George W. Bush (2001-2009), and a
billionaire in America. The money and power of Dick Cheney become the
political fundament backing Liz Cheney, so her political life was
promoted, and become a powerful politician in Congress. The arrogance
and the unthankful attitude of Liz Cheney caused the abandonment of
Republican fans, actually in her electoral unit.

The betrayal record of Elizabeth Lynn Cheney reflects the dishonest
character’s lawyer as the robber with the paper-knife. Therefore, she
held the chairwoman of the House Republican Conference and became the
third highest position in the House Republican leadership.

However, the female RINO Representative Elizabeth Lynn Cheney always
stands alongside the Democratic Communist Party. Actually, the
domestic thugs are more dangerous than the outside enemy as the
proverb of Vietnamese people quoted in the Vietnam War” ăn cơm quốc
gia, thờ ma cộng sản” (eating the nationalist rice, and adoring the
evil communist). The female RINO Elizabeth Lynn Cheney was elected
with the support of Republicans in Wyoming. Therefore she serves for
Democrats as the Democratic under-coved activist in Republican Party,
and the people consider Elizabeth Lynn Cheney is the female beloved
dog of mongrel ape Nancy Pelosi, the commander in apes of the ape herd
in Congress. The American people don’t know female RINO Elizabeth Lynn
Cheney knelt to pay the respect of felony George Floyd after the
felony saint died on May 25, 2020, while struggling with police by
using counterfeit banknotes of $US 20. Possibly, when the owner wants
to, a dog barking as the order. Therefore, female RINO Elizabeth Lynn
Cheney supported all the destructive policies of the mongrel ape Joe
Biden and obeys the orders of Nancy Pelosi. Certainly, Elizabeth Lynn
Cheney supports Black Lives Matter, and Antifa, defunding the police,
abortion, the Black Supremacy, and other policies of the Democratic
Communist Party.

It is no doubt about former 46th Vice President Dick Cheney, a
prominent businessman, and a powerful politician of Republicans is a
member of the Global Deep State, he made a huge profit in the Iraq War
with $US 39.5 billion. Nevertheless, Elizabeth Lynn Cheney is
empowered by his father, she focuses on the US president. She was
stabbed in the back of the 45th patriotic President Donald Trump, and
her betrayal face emerged among the RINOs in Congress. Almost all the
destructive orders of the 46th illegal president Joe Biden are
supported by the RINOs in Congress and Senate.

Nevertheless, the female RINO, Representative Elizabeth Lynn Cheney
becomes the judge of the people’s court in Congress carried out under
the illegal House Select Committee. The shameless face of Elizabeth
Lynn Cheney publicized for every public denouncement falsely accusing
the patriotic President Donald Trump with the decoy witnesses like
Cassidy Hutchinson in the sham riot on January 6, 2021, is arraigned by
culprit Nancy Pelosi. The victims of the public denouncement are the
patriotic President Donald Trump, and 750 innocent prisoners were
incarcerated in the hell of re-education in Washington D.C. However,
Liz Cheney supports the mongrel communist regime of the male mongrel
ape Joe Biden, and the mongrel female ape Nancy Pelosi. Therefore the
people’s court of Democrats is in the wrong place, and the plan to
publicly denounce Donald Trump failed, instead, the people hate the
traitors. Certainly, the female RINO Elizabeth Lynn Cheney can not
escape the boycott, she loses the primary voters in her electoral unit
and her career will end after November 8, 2022.

However, female mongrel ape Nancy Pelosi and Democrats can not save
the henchman, even giving Elizabeth Lynn Cheney a seat in Democrats.
RINO Elizabeth Lynn Cheney should learn the proverb of spy” when a
hunter recognizes the dog can not do the job properly, a hunter must
know how to eat the dog’s meat”. The fate of traitors like Elizabeth
Lynn Cheney will be decided by the people including the MAGA movement
to eliminate the RINOs. Certainly, Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic
Communist Party has never trusted the Republic traitors who can
betray everyone. Therefore, Democrats are keen to use the RINOs as
political tools, and the traitors are like the term called throwing
the lemon skin after the juice is emptied.

The last effort of female RINO Elizabeth Lynn Cheney focused on the
presidential candidate in 2024. Once again, the beloved dog of mongrel
ape Nancy Pelosi will serve the last order to share the ballots of the
Republican presidential candidate in 2024. She challenges the
patriotic President Donald Trump although he is the virtual president
of the United States with the MAGA is the greatest movement in US
history. The ape herd and female mongrel ape Nancy Pelosi have not fed
a dog, therefore, they got Elizabeth Lynn Cheney obeys, and carries
out the best services in Congress by barking in the public
denouncement of the illegal House Select Committee. Unfortunately, the
beloved dog of Nancy Pelosi barks in the hollow place when the people
hate the people’s court in Congress.