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Barbara Walters dies age 93: Groundbreaking and glamorous, how the legendary journalist overcame tumultuous childhood with her supper club impresario father to become one of TV’s most successful interviewers during her decades-spanning career

· Barbara Jill Walters was born on September 25, 1929 in Boston, Massachusetts

· Her father, Lou Walters, ran supper clubs and was in show business. His fortunes were up and down throughout her childhood, according to her memoir, Audition

· Walters became the first woman to co-host a nightly news program in 1976, and signed a five-year contract with ABC for an unprecedented $1 million per year

· Her Barbara Walters Specials, which premiered in 1976, were a huge success. The next year she joined 20/20 and became its co-host with Hugh Downs

· In 1997, she helped to create The View, a successful and influential show


PUBLISHED: 21:34 EST, 30 December 2022 | UPDATED: 22:05 EST, 30 December 2022

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