China faces the deadly pandemic – the world watches out.

By Hoa Truong January 4, 2023

Almost, the communists and mongrel communists in the democratic
countries acclaim themselves as the peak of society, the progressive
components, the moderate people, and the revolutionists. Instead, the
animals covered human bodies labeled the apes of Karl Marx calling the
patriots, the concerned citizens, and the opponents are
counter-revolutionists in China, Vietnam and others. Actually, the
aggressive people, the right wing, the far-right, plus the White
Supremacy in Western, particularly the United States.

The funny pride of Karl Marx’s ape conducts the arrogance, so the
communists and mongrel communists including the left media snub the
public, they think the people are stupid as the French proverb” Le
Mouton De Panurge”. China’s Communist Party succeeded in creating
bloodshed in China’s mainland after the Red gang robbed the authentic
government of Chinese people in 1949. The greatest gang leader Mao Tse
Tung launched the horrible-barbarous bloodshed campaigns to kill at
at least 65 million Chinese people and enslaved a billion Chinese people
into the hell of communist paradise. The terror, impoverishment,
obscurantism, and brainwashing to curb Chinese people standing up as
the democratic movement in 1989 at Tiananmen Square was cracked down
by the People’s Liberation Army with the order of leader Deng
Xiaoping, and tens of thousands of Chinese people were killed. The
massacre in Tiananmen Square and the massive killing at Hue, in the
Tet Offensive of 1968 has never been forgotten when two massacres
have the same numerous victims. Whatever, the communists are heartless
and cruel.

China’s Communist Party has remained a dictatorial regime with
barbarous oppression. Nevertheless, the communists believe the
dictatorial orders could do anything, including change the natural law
or that human power can force nature to follow, there is no God, but
Lenin is in a hell of a communist paradise. In Vietnam, Vietcong
announces to win over the environmental phenomenon, and God with the
arrogant motto to show the craziness of atheism:

Nghiêng đồng đổ nước ra sông (incline the farm pouring the water to river)

Vắt đất ra nước, thay trời làm mưa (squeeze the land making the water,
and replace the God to create the rain).

China’s Communist Party issued the orders to win over the pollution,
and the environment with the careless dams, actually the Three Gorges
Dam became the water atomic bomb arrayed by China’s Communist Party.
The Three Gorges Dam is like a knife with two blades, and the
hydroelectricity is more harmful than good, the food threatens in the
rainy season, and the drought drained out the massive quantity of
water. Moreover, the benefit turns to peril when the missiles can
collapse the dam, then half of China will be wiped out to end the Red
dynasty. The arrogant, and dictatorial orders of China’s Communist
Party attacking into three battles in air, land, and people

1-The pollution harmed by the careless factories freely releases a
massive quantity of dioxide while the Western curb their industry. It
is the repayment of US President Bill Clinton to respond to the boons
of China illegally providing the finance for the elections 1992 and
1996. The hoax climate change is like a stone to kill many birds when
the innocent people in Western support, then left parties using the
hoax climate change in the election’s outcome, and the protests create
mayhem in the counter-revolutionary countries, the target of China to
create the complication in the enemy’s soil.

2-The environment to be destroyed and the rivers currently shorting
water, the rapaciousness plus the global hegemonic strategy of China
to kill 28,000 rivers among 50,000 rivers in China. The livelihood,
the agricultural products, and the life of tens of millions of Chinese
people in 28,000 basins (each basin spread a hundred square
kilometers). Actually, the water worsened while China currently shorts
the use of safe water when the soil is intoxicated and contaminated.
The environmental destruction caused 400 cancerous villages.
Therefore, China’s communist government ignored them, although the
victims complained.

3-The people in China’s mainland become the slaves of the Red dynasty,
and the orders of the ruthless regime are like the decrees of the
emperors in Chinese history.

Nevertheless, China’s Communist Party wants to reset the world, it
proves tyrant Xi Jinping uses the viral cohort called COVID-19 with
billions of billions of billions of troops to attack worldwide.
Unfortunately, the invisible unarmed army has no ears, eyes, or minds,
so the orders of the commander in chief Xi Jinping failed, and the
viral army doesn’t distinguish between Chinese people including the
members of China’s Communist Party, and the people living around the

The shoddy vaccines and the bogus test kits made in China worsened the
pandemic that re-outbreak after Xi Jinping eased the order of COVID-19
ZERO when the Chinese people have no fear caused the food, water,
energy, and livelihood win over the orders. Therefore, the restriction
was scrapped, and the pandemic outbreak was without control. Moreover,
China’s communist regime has not had enough medicines, and the weak
health system plus the corruption can not respond to the worst, and
urgent situation. The deep debt reached $US 28 trillion hampered China
to buy western medicines including vaccines because the big
pharmaceutical companies require the US dollar, not Yuan while China
does need to pay the interest.

The death toll skyrocketed after 20 days to ease the lockdown, the
infectious cases reached more than 250 million. Now, China’s mainland
is like the immense cemetery on the planet where dead bodies are laid
everywhere throughout the country, actually the big cities in
Shanghai, Beijing, and others. The crematoriums overwhelmed the dead
bodies, and the massive body bags raise the hygienic problem, so
China’s government advises the families to solve it themselves. Even
the dead body faces deadlock, so China’s Communist Party can not curb
and control the pandemic while the health authority alerts about 800
million Chinese people will be infected within 3 months ahead,
actually in the winter it will worsen. Actually, China’s mainland is going
to be the dead land when a billion Chinese people are infected. A
horrible disaster is waiting for the Chinese people while the economy
is disabled, the industry closes, and other dire consequences are
inevitable. Certainly, tyrant Xi Jinping can not use order to stop the
pandemic, and the people have no fear of the regime after more than
seven decades to rule the mainland with dictatorial methods.

The pandemic re-outbreak in China’s mainland can not be concealed in the
era of high technological communication. People around the world know
China becomes the dead land or the global den of pandemics, so the
wealthy components in China try to get out of the country with their
assets. Western investors plus businesses must get out of China as
soon as possible when life is priceless. Recently, Tesla suspends the
production at the Shanghai plant and more foreign factories are going to
run away as quickly as they can. According to the updated report, the
COVID-19 pandemic re-outbreak in China destroyed businesses,
factories, and Chinese investors. After 20 years of distortion of the
global economy through stolen technology, stolen trademarks, and
malicious businesses. China’s communist regime is no longer be the
global factory end of the year 2022. The export of China badly
declined, and the death of China appeared.

During the pandemic re-outbreak, China’s Communist Party grants
massive visas for Chinese travelers while the destination countries
really fear Chinese tourists, overseas students, and workers should
bring the deadly viruses to their people. The numerous
variants are up to 130 kinks, and now, there are 50 current viral
variants attacking Chinese people on the mainland. Nevertheless, white
lung syndrome is guaranteed to kill 40% of patients plus the extremely
dangerous variants alert the world.

Certainly, the world has not trusted China with vaccines, and test kits,
despite Chinese travelers being vaccinated and having negative results
when they arrived at the airports. In Europe, the Italian government
discovered a passenger plane had more than half Chinese tourists
infected with COVID-19. Nevertheless, despite the Japanese government’s
early alert of the new wave of pandemic re-outbreak in China’s
mainland, the restriction still applies. Therefore, on December 29, 2022,
the health authority reported 420 Japanese died. There are many
countries that strictly apply the restriction for Chinese travelers.
As a routine, China criticizes the countries for the politicization of
the pandemic, therefore, everyone knows the pandemic in China reached
the peak of transmission. However, on December 31, 2022, Australia
Chief Medical officer, Doctor Paul Kelly said the border restriction
was not necessary. The Australian people doubt Doctor Paul Kelly, he
should become Dogtor like Anthony Fauci in America. Nowadays, people
have not trusted academics including medical doctors, and health
officials. Therefore, Vietnamese travelers should bring deadly viruses
when Vietnam’s Communist regime welcomes Chinese tourists, the
corruption of Vietcong officials causes the pandemic re-outbreak in
the vassals of China, and the countries may watch out for Vietnamese
travelers as Chinese people come from the mainland.

The pandemic outbreak in China’s mainland shows the order of China’s
Communist Party failed, and the orders to win over nature with the
environment, the pollution plus the Chinese people opposing the
atheism party is hitting back by natural law. Particularly, with the
Covid-19 pandemic outbreak worsening China’s economy, actually the
massive death toll, and the infectious population transforming China
to be the largest dead land on the planet, the culprit is China’s
Communist Party. Certainly, China can not conceal the truth, even the
World Health Organization calls China to report the exact numbers,
although the head of W.H.O is Dogtor Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the
hardcore communist, and an actual henchman of China’s Communist Party.
Therefore, China tries to cover the massive death toll, but the regime
doesn’t grant the death certificate to the families claiming the death
caused by COVID-19. However, the world can know the truth hides behind
the bamboo curtain, the high technological communication, and Chinese
people can take over the