Biden shell-shocked by terrible 2024 news

According to a recent Fox News poll, the majority of Democrats would rather have someone besides than President Biden as their nominee in 2024.

Democratic primary voters were asked if they thought Biden or “someone else” ought to be the party’s 2024 nominee.

53 percent of respondents chose “someone else,” while 37 percent chose to “keep Biden” as the front-runner.

The article provided more context for Biden’s numbers among Democratic base voters by pointing out that, at the same point in his presidency, Trump had much higher support from his Republican base, with 72% of Republican voters wanting him to be the GOP nominee again in 2020.

The survey’s margin of error is +/- 4.5 percent, and it was conducted between February 19–22, 2023, among 1006 registered voters.

It comes in the wake of conflicting polling results for the incumbent, who has had trouble winning over enough voters to run for president again in 2024. For instance, a Rasmussen Reports poll conducted this month in advance of the State of the Union Address revealed that 56 percent of respondents did not want Biden to run for reelection. Only 32% of voters said they wanted him to run again, with 12% saying they were still unsure. Democratic, Republican, and independent voters were all included in these figures.

In that poll, 53% of Democrats said they favored Biden’s potential reelection, while 24% of Democrats and 51% of independents said they opposed it.

In a similar vein, a recent Washington Post/ABC News poll asked Dems. and Democrat-leaning independents if they would rather see Biden nominated or someone else, and 58 percent responded that they would prefer to see someone else nominated. 31 percent of respondents stated they would prefer Biden.

Meanwhile, polls consistently show former President Donald Trump leading President Joe Biden in a fictitious 2024 presidential contest, which has some Democrats, including former Obama Cabinet member Julián Castro, concerned.

Author: Scott Dowdy