Tin tức và biếm họa chính trị cho ngày Thứ Bảy, đáng xem…

BMH ///

Washington, D.C

Xin chuyển đến Quý Vị, Quý NT và CH…

Tin tức và biếm họa chính trị cho ngày Thứ Bảy, đáng xem...

Xin mời Quý Vị theo dõi để tường..

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BMH ///

Washington, D.C

Người dân Hoa Kỳ có quyền được biết rõ những sự thật liên quan đến COIVID-19.

Tòa Bạch Ốc cố giữ im lặng về việc giải mật các báo cáo liên quan đến COVID 19,
sau khi Hạ Viện Hoa Kỳ với số phiếu bầu 419 – 0, đồng ý bắt buộc (Tòa Bạch Ốc) giải mật..

Không biết Joe Biden còn giữ kín đến bao lâu ??

Nếu không đồng ý, ông Joe Biden sẽ veto, như thế hy vọng Quốc Hội sẽ có được 2/3 số phiếu bầu,
để “override veto” của Biden, và trở thành luật.

White House mum on declassifying COVID report after unanimous House approval
Caitlin Doornbos


WASHINGTON — Americans are one step closer to knowing what the US government knows about the origins of COVID-19 — if President Biden will let them.
The House on Friday unanimously passed its version of a Senate-approved bill that would force the White House to declassify intelligence reports about the origins of the global pandemic and its ties to a Chinese lab.
The 419-0 vote sends the bill to Biden’s desk completely unopposed in Congress after the Senate approved the measure by unanimous consent last week.
However, Biden himself did not say whether he would sign the legislation, telling reporters as he left the White House for his Delaware home: “I haven’t made that decision yet.”
“We’re taking a look at the bill,” White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre told reporters during her regular briefing earlier in the day. “We have continued to share information, as I’ve mentioned many times before, with members of Congress … We will continue to use every tool to figure out what happened here while also protecting classified information. Again, we’re gonna take a look at the bill, I just don’t have any information to share on how we’re going to move forward at this time.”
“Why would President Biden not sign something that literally got no opposition in Congress?” asked Associated Press reporter Seung Min Kim.
“I totally understand,” Jean-Pierre responded. “It is the right of the president of the United States to look at the legislation that is going to be coming before him, and we’ll have more to share.”

The proposal requires Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines to declassify “any and all information relating to potential links between the Wuhan Institute of Virology” and COVID-19, as well as “make available to the public as much information as possible” regarding the virus’s origin.
Sen. Josh Hawley (R-Mo.), who introduced the bill in the Senate, repeatedly tweeted Friday that Biden should sign it without delay.
“Now the American people will be able to see what their government knows about COVID origins – and those who lied about it can be held accountable,” wrote Hawley, who tweeted in response to Jean-Pierre’s statement: “Sign it! Let the American people see for themselves.”

“For years, Communist China lied about the origins of COVID-19 & Dems refused to investigate,” tweeted Rep. Ben Cline (R-Va.). “That’s why @HouseGOP just passed a bill requiring the Biden admin to declassify all info on the Wuhan lab leak. Americans are finally going to get the answers we deserve.”
The information should help Americans understand “why the FBI director has indicated that a COVID-19 lab leak is not just a possibility, but approaches the idea that is likely,” House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Turner (R-Ohio) said during a hearing Tuesday.

“[The information provides] a unique insight as to what was happening at biosafety level laboratory in Wuhan, China, in late 2019 and early 2020,” Turner added. “The laboratory and who was working there might be the key to unraveling the truth.”

The committee’s ranking member, Rep. Jim Himes (D-Conn.), said the reports should be released so that “the American people can consider the best available information we have, as opposed to marinating in conjecture and speculation and conspiracy theories.”
The overwhelming support in Congress for making the information public comes days after reports emerged that the Energy Department had assessed with “low confidence” that the virus likely leaked from a Chinese lab.

The Energy Department joined the FBI in backing the so-called “lab leak theory” while four other intelligence community agencies have reportedly assessed with “low confidence” that the virus naturally spread from animals to humans and two other agencies are undecided.
“The FBI has for quite some time now assessed that the origins of the pandemic are most likely a potential lab incident in Wuhan,” bureau Director Christopher Wray told Fox News Feb. 28.

“The Chinese government, it seems to me, has been doing its best to try to thwart and obfuscate the work here, the work that we’re doing, the work that our US government and close foreign partners are doing and that’s unfortunate for everybody.”


Xin hãy bừng tỉnh đi, những ai ngu muội !!!

The Woke Wrecking Machine
End it now – before it ends America first.

March 6, 2023 by Victor Davis Hanson 17 Comments


Almost everything that has followed from the woke mass hysteria gripping the nation since 2020 has proved disastrous.

Wokeism destroys meritocracy in favor of forced equality of result – history’s prescription for civilizational decline.
If we continue with the woke hiring of administrators, air traffic controllers, ground crews, pilots, and rail workers, there will be even more news of disasters and near-miss airline crashes.
Wokeness demands a McCarthyite suppression of free expression. No wonder a woke FBI recently hired out social media censors to suppress stories it deemed unhelpful.
Soviet-style, wokeism mandates strict ideological party-line narratives under the cover of “science.” No wonder a woke government lied that requiring vaccines would prevent both infection and infectiousness.
Woke substitutes race for class in its eternal neo-Marxist quest to divide permanently the nation along racial lines, between victims and victimizers.
Yet wokeism recently has embarrassed itself as never before.
Take the COVID pandemic.
The Department of Energy has joined the FBI and is now attributing the origins of the pandemic to a leak of a likely engineered virus from the top-security virology lab in Wuhan, China.
Wokesters had long suppressed that reality, demonizing any who rejected its orthodox lies and spoke a larger truth: A dystopic China is not our global partner in greening the planet. Criticizing Stalinist China is not “racist.” China is not building a progressive society that is a model for others.
The ongoing environmental catastrophe in East Palestine, Ohio, following the train derailment revealed more woke moral bankruptcy.
Ostensibly the ensuing toxic spill and noxious plume have poisoned a poor and working-class small town. It should have galvanized the old Democratic Party that once voiced loud support for all green causes and championed the lower American classes.
But woke ended all that – substituting racial chauvinism for class concerns and ideology for genuine worry over the environment.
Woke dogma mandates that pollution and poverty are no longer concerns – if they affect the white poor who are stereotyped collectively as privileged victimizers.
Wokesters insisted that California is the greatest casualty of “climate change” defined as permanent drought.
Purported climate change required radical new bureaucratic rules and antidemocratic mandates over irrigation supplies, ground water, and contracted water deliveries from public reservoirs.
But then it rained. And it snowed. And it became terribly cold in supposedly scorching California. Southern California is blanketed in snow.
Even so, for much of this cold, wet winter, state officials continued to claim the man-made drought was in full force. But finally, the most recent frigid, wet weather strangled the woke drought – and with it the credibility of our climate change Cassandras.
Americans sympathize with Ukraine’s plight as Russian President Vladimir Putin seeks to destroy its autonomy. But woke brooked no deviation from the party line that Ukraine’s Volodomyr Zelinsky is a saint, while Russia is near bankrupt due to sanctions, and doomed to lose the war.
Accordingly, the United States was obligated to give Ukraine a veritable blank check given Kyiv’s commitment to freedom. Zelenskyy’s team now even talks of a victorious Ukrainian armored counteroffensive into Moscow’s Red Square.
This week, however, we are learning the Russian economy is nearly as strong now as it was before the war. It has mobilized 700,000 troops to ensure that eastern Ukraine becomes a Verdun-like killing field where tens of thousands more will be ground up.
Ukraine bars dissidents and maintains a government media monopoly. And the more President Joe Biden promises another $2-3 billion in biweekly aid, the more Zelensky acts as if it is a pittance given what supposedly stingy Americans should be capable of supplying.
Meanwhile, at home, new woke protocols mandate race as essential rather than incidental to the human experience. Supposedly such fixations will heal racial wounds.
Under the new reparatory and compensatory diversity, equity, and inclusion rules, those deemed non-white were to be hired and admitted to colleges in greater numbers than their demographics. Even the old mandated proportional representation quotas were no longer enough.
But racial chauvinism, nonstop talk of reparations, and the new campus segregation have not resulted in better racial relations.
Polls show that there are greater racial tensions than ever before.
Data on interracial and hate crimes show even sharper racial disproportionalities. The incidence of both Black violent criminal perpetrators and Black crime victims are near historical highs.
Woke policies of no cash bail, downgrading felonies, and no jail time only spiked violent lawlessness.
Our elite universities are now fully woke. Almost weekly an embarrassing story further erodes their credibility and reputation.
Ridiculous lists of taboo words are issued on woke campuses, barring incendiary words like “American” and “immigrant.”
Bragging of segregated dorms, graduations, and safe spaces recalls Jim Crow, not woke racial utopias.
Grades and standards are deemed counterrevolutionary, even as incompetent graduates increasingly fail to impress employers.
Someday wokeism will disappear because it is inherently nihilistic and cannibalistic.
But in the meantime, Americans should end it now before it ends America first.

Only under Liberal cult supported by Biden admin…which is full of

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