Donald Trump prepares to publish private letters – Now Hollywood is freaking out


Celebrities including Hillary Clinton and Jay Leno contend that Donald Trump lacks authorization to publish the letters they had sent to the former president, which will be included in his upcoming book, Letters to Trump.

On April 25, Letters to Trump will be made available through Winning Team Publishing. Influential people including Richard Nixon, Princess Diana, Ronald Reagan, Kim Jong-un, and John F. Kennedy Jr., among others, are among those whose letters to Trump are expected to be made public in the book.

Yet, some well-known people who have altered their minds about Trump since he entered politics are speaking in opposition to the book. Some even contend that publishing such letters would be against the law.

According to Jay Leno, whose letter to Trump will be included in the book, he didn’t give Trump his consent to make the letter public.

A Leno spokeswoman told Newsweek that “Jay neither released nor gave permission to make any use of any letter to Mr. Trump.”

Trump didn’t request Clinton’s permission before choosing to make their correspondence public, according to Clinton spokesperson Nick Merrill.

“Publishing private communication in the hopes that people will think you previously had respect reveals more about how terribly insecure you have been,” according to Merrill, who spoke to Newsweek. “Feels like when a toddler excitedly shows you what they did on the potty, but on a larger scale.”

Oprah Winfrey also claimed that her opinions of Trump have altered in light of a letter she wrote to him more than two decades ago in which she considered running for president alongside him.

“I remember he had written a book and indicated that he would like me to be his running mate… if he decided on running, and when I discovered that this letter is now going to become an element of a book, I thought, ‘Well, wasn’t that lovely of me to write a note,’” Winfrey revealed to CBS.

“I thought that since I’m constantly thinking, Well, I should write a note. I should write a note, or the individual did something,” Winfrey continued. “So, I’m overjoyed that I sent a note.”

“I may have believed it at the time. 23 years ago, I could have thought it,” she continued. “I’m not considering it right now.”

The publishing business claimed that despite certain celebrities’ protestations to the contrary, they have “either real or implicit authorization” for the publication of the letters.

“The book contains a singular collection of letters, either from President Trump or from foreign or domestic state leaders, or from private persons. No copyright protection arises for persons who were holding public office at the time,” according to a Winning Team Publishing spokeswoman. Winning Team Publication “has either real or implied consent for their publication for the last category.”

On Tuesday, Trump posted a statement on his Truth Social platform in response to news regarding Leno and Winfrey’s remarks.

Jay Leno claimed that he did not grant Trump permission to publish the letter, but Trump responded, “Jay, you did when you submitted it.”

In response to Winfrey’s assertion that she is “not thinking” about a dual ticket today, Trump remarked, “Neither am I.”

About the book, Trump told Breitbart News that it will demonstrate to readers that he has led a “very exciting life.”

“I believe they will witness a very exciting life.” Trump quipped to Breitbart News, “I knew them all, every single one of them kissed my ass, and now I just have half of them kissing my ass.”

Author: Blake Ambrose

Donald Trump Prepares To Publish Private Letters–Now Hollywood Is Freaking Out

Donald Trump Prepares To Publish Private Letters–Now Hollywood Is Freaki…

Celebrities including Hillary Clinton and Jay Leno contend that Donald Trump lacks authorization to publish the …