The tyrant Manhattan Attorney Alvin Bragg is the law illiterate


By Hoa TruongMarch 23, 2023

The crucial target of the Global Deep State, China’s Communist Party,
and the Democratic Party aim to stop the patriotic President Donald
Trump from returning to the White House after the outcome of the
presidential election in 2024. The extreme fear and obsession of the
domestic thugs plus the foreign enemies exposed the witch hunts since
Donald Trump stepped into the Oval Office on January 20, 2017, with
the legal terrorist Robert Mueller wasted $US 32 million of the
taxpayers for the deceitful investigation based on the fabricated
dossiers falsely accused Russia meddled the US election in 2016.

After the White House robbery, the illegal House Select Committee used
the sham riot on January 6, 2021, made by the political sorceress
Nancy Pelosi. It shifted to Donald Trump, the victim of the
presidential robbery on January 20, 2021. The Mar-A-Lago terror failed
to charge Donald Trump, although the FBI of director Christopher Wray,
and the Department of Justice led by Attorney General Merrick Garland
distorted the functions, and fully applied the professional terror,
robbery, and burglary at the mansion of Donald Trump during Mr.
virtual US president was not home. The cowardice, and timidity of
Democrats, and the presidential robber Joe Biden expose the terror at
Mar-A-Lago. Unfortunately, all sly tactics can not prevent the great
leader of the MAGA movement from coming back to the White House in

Besides the strategic witch hunts and terrors, Democrats, and the
Global Deep State sent their henchmen to attack the patriotic
President Donald Trump with the guerrilla tactics like Judge Arthur
Engeron, the New York State court judge presiding over Trump’s civil
fraud trial, but couldn’t charge because Donald Trump has never
committed the fraud in New York, and another New York State Attorney
General Leticia James targets the businesses of Donald Trump in her
hell of a communist paradise. The outcome of the presidential election
in 2020 reported Sleepy Joe Biden just won New York while Donald Trump
won 49 states out of 50 states. So New York State is the Holyland of
the hell of the state’s communist paradise with the ape judges, animal
attorneys applying the bush law, and MAFIA rules.

The public support of Donald Trump urges Democrats, the Global Deep
State attempt the desperate plan by using the local judge, District
Attorney, and black tyrant Alvin Bragg to arrest Donald Trump based on
the false accusation of the solved case Stormy Daniels closed in 2018.
The District Court is not an appeal court, to the law and the legal
process, porn star Stormy Daniels must lodge her appeal to the higher
court, not a district court. Therefore, she still owed the legal team
$US 300,000 of the legal fees. The District Court of tyrant Attorney
Alvin Bragg in Manhattan has no authority to do the function of an
appeal court, so all court hearings and Grand Juries are illegal.
Certainly, the fabricated indictment against patriotic President
Donald Trump is lawless and breaches the law. It is incredible when
Harvard law school graduates like Alvin Bragg are law illiterate, what
did he learn at Harvard with Professor Alan Dershowitz? And the
American Law Society may overhaul the license of tyrant Attorney Alvin
Bragg who is a legal braggart to abuse the law in America. The deposed
key witness is the former lawyer of Donald Trump, Michael Cohen as the
lawyer 30 wants to avenge Donald Trump because he didn’t give the
betrayal lawyer a job in the White House after winning the election in
2016. Certainly, Donald Trump knew Michael Cohen was the betrayer. The
deceitful witness Michael Cohen is like the decoy witness Cassidy
Hutchinson at the people’s court in the congress of Nancy Pelosi.

The power of the District court can not force the United States to
comply, and follow as an ant can not remove the mountain. Whatever,
the animal-covered human body wearing the judge dress can not stop
Donald Trump in 2024 as law Harvard Professor Alan Dershowitz, the
teacher of ape Judge Alvin Bragg, despite the far-left billionaire
George Soros poured $US 40 million to invest the black District
Attorney Alvin Bragg, and Soros also developed the racist of the black
judge against the white President Donald Trump. Therefore the district
court failed the crucial target to stop Donald Trump, instead,
Democrats, the Global Deep State, and other thugs received the
backfire. Nevertheless, the propaganda campaign of the left media
companies like CNN, Fox News, and others plus the big tech
communication companies couldn’t shift the American people to support
high profiles like Ron Desantis, Mike Pence, Nikki Haley, and others.
The witch hunts, terrors, and psychological warfare failed, including
the illegal indictment of tyrant Attorney Alvin Bragg conspiring the
malevolent plan to arrest and kill Donal Trump in the prison matches
the strong reaction of the American people. Once again, the Global
Deep State and the Democratic Party made the critical mistake of using
the black District Attorney Alvin Bragg to arrest and kill Donald
Trump. Possibly, the Global Deep State and Democratic Party have many
top lawyers, and legal advisors, they must know the Manhattan District
Attorney tyrant Alvin Bragg can not stop Donald Trump in 2024.
Therefore, the arrest of Donald Trump’s plans to kill the great leader
of the MAGA movement in the prison is possible. Despite the hearing,
the illegal court of Manhattan District has not concluded yet, and the
legal process plus the public pressure mounts. Therefore, the tyrant
and illiterate Attorney Alvin Bragg calls to arrest Donald Trump, or
Donald Trump surrenders, then volunteers to go to prison. Certainly,
no one is stupid to volunteer to stay the prison without a conviction.
So the tyrant Attorney Alvin Bragg exposes the stupidity for himself.

According to the Washington Post, fake news media can not propagate,
and standing alongside the law-illiterate Alvin Bragg” No prosecutor
wants to bring a case unless they are reasonably confident they will
win. This is hardly a surefire prosecution. It’s also worth
emphasizing that the Justice Department never brought charges against
Trump on the campaign finance violation”. On March 22, 2023, the
illegal hearing, and the tyrant Attorney Alvin Bragg breaches the law,
and overridden power, so the Grand Jury canceled the hearing and has
not committed the next hearing yet after the domestic conflict, and
the fear of public outrage. Fox News has released the breaking news”
Soros-Funded DA Alvin Bragg CAUGHT HIDING Nearly 600 Pages of
Exculpatory Evidence from NY Grand Jury in Trump Case”. The lies and
law cheater, Alvin Bragg faces public pressure, the fallen
prosecution, and the unlawful indictment against the patriotic
President Donald Trump with the decoy witness, the Lawyer 30 Michael
Cohen, so the patriotic lawyer Giuliani said” DA Bragg abusing
prosecutorial powers”, and Republican Senator Rand Paul calls to jail
the Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg if he indicted Donald
Trump without evidence and the political motive. There are not only
people who reacted against the Bush law, and MAFIA rules of tyrant
Attorney Alvin Bragg, the law gurus like UC Berkeley Law Professor
John Yoo told the American public is ill-served by Alvin Bragg’s

The hell of state communist paradise in New York used at least 36,000
human-robotic police officers to keep security during the illegal
Grand Jury hearing while the protests supporting Donald Trump spread
nationwide, actually the den of mongrel communist paradise in New
York. The ape judge Alvin Bragg exposes the cowardice and timidity by
using the heavy police force to arrest Donald Trump which proves the
MAGA becomes the greatest movement in US history. The real fear comes,
and the arrest should burst the civil war, and the lives of an ape
judge, tyrant Alvin Bragg is risky, he can not fight against the
people with the wooden hammer. The disaster is coming, and Democrats
can not save the people’s outrage because the endurance is limited and
the abhorrence is Saturated.

The illegal order to arrest patriotic President Donald Trump also
strays the collapse of the banks like Silicon Valley Bank, and others
are waiting for the disaster. The arrest doesn’t coincide, indeed,
Democrats and the Global Deep State choose the right time to cover the
economic disaster, and the US dollar is going to replace by the
Digital Dollar, the greatest robbery in the United States attempted by
the executive order 14067 of the 46th illegal president Joe Biden
signed on March 9, 2022. The arrest of Donald Trump reflects the
stratagem of Sun Tzu” make a sound in the east, then strike in the

The House Judiciary Committee demands Manhattan District Attorney
Alvin Bragg must hand over the documents, and the testimony to indict
the innocent, patriotic President Donald Trump. Certainly, the
conviction without a clue, and based on the fabricated stories plus
the fake documents breached the law, snubs the public, and congress,
so the House Judiciary Committee will nullify the illegal indictment,
and ordered to arrest of the illiterate Attorney Alvin Bragg, the
force him to pay all costs of the legal process plus the spending for
36.000 police officers.

Despite the arrest has not been made yet, the time is still waiting
because the arrest is based on the lying witness, Lawyer 30 Michael
Cohen, and the tyrant ape judge Alvin Bragg exposes the timidity when
his office was barricaded. Therefore, the approval rate of Donald
Trump skyrocketed to 28 points over Florida Governor Ron DeSantis with
26 points. The beloved dog of Nancy Pelosi, Liz Cheney has 3 points,
Vikki Haley has 4 points, and the traitor Mike Pence gets 7 points.

The malevolent plan to arrest Donald Trump, and kill him in prison
failed, the desperate plan meets the people’s protest nationwide, and
the abhorrence against Democrats rises. Certainly, the animal-covered
human body, the ape tyrant judge Alvin Bragg emerges as the fresh
thug, and the terror judge of Democrats become the hateful public
figure. Eventually, the American people can do anything to get the
country back, and the mongrel communist party faces trust bankruptcy.
Moreover, the arrest of Donald Trump will burst the civil war, and the
tyrant Juge Alvin Bragg can not use his wooden hammer to confront
hundreds of millions of American people/.