Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals Rules Joe Biden’s Federal Vax Mandate is Illegal

Joe Biden has lost two court cases in a row trying to defend his repugnant federal vaccine mandate. A District Court judge said that the mandate was illegal last year, and the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals just agreed.

Joe Biden’s vaccine mandate in an illegal violation of the Constitution. The full Fifth Circuit court heard the case (en banc), and ruled 10 to 6 that Joe Biden is a tyrannical idiot who does not have the authority to inject substances in people if they don’t want him to.

Biden issued an executive order back in September of 2021, declaring that 4.2 million federal employees were required to stick something in their bodies if they wanted to keep their jobs. Sounds kind of icky when we phrase it like that, doesn’t it? Well, sorry. That’s what vaccine mandates are – a form of medical rape.

A nonprofit called Feds for Medical Freedom sued the Biden regime on behalf of about 6,000 federal employees from all 50 states. Biden claimed at the time of the executive order signing that he had the authority to stick anything he wants into the bodies of federal employees, under the Civil Service Reform Act (CSRA). He said the CSRA gave him authority to set “workplace conditions” for employees. He also claimed that Article II of the Constitution gives him absolute authority to jab something into the bodies of federal employees if he wants to.