Latest news from Zerohedge reporters this morning (4/4/2023)

Labor Market Finally Cracks: Job Openings, Hires Crash To Lowest Since May 2021, Miss Every Estimate

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Was that it for the Fed’s rate hikes?

TUE APR 4, AT 10:41 AM

Trump Attorney Announces Plans To File Motions To Dismiss, Alleging Prosecutorial Misconduct

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"There will be a host of motions we’re going to make, including…a motion to dismiss based on selective prosecution and prosecutorial misconduct…"

TUE APR 4, AT 7:20 AM

Fed’s Making Worst "Policy Mistake In Several Decades", El-Erian Warns

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“The Fed’s problems should worry everyone. A loss of credibility directly affects its ability to maintain financial stability and guide markets in a manner consistent with its dual mandate…”

TUE APR 4, AT 8:45 AM

S&P Futures Extend Gains For A Fifth Day, Near 8-Month High

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“What’s backing up markets has a lot to do with the good news concerning inflation. This good news means that central banks have more flexibility to make a pause or to soften.”

TUE APR 4, AT 8:12 AM

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