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Central Bank Digital Currencies A Foundational Threat To America’s Economic Systems: Think Tank

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…a U.S. CBDC will threaten citizens’ “core freedoms” from financial privacy to personal liberty.

THU APR 6, AT 9:30 PM

Former Biden Aide’s Testimony ‘Undermines’ White House Narrative On Classified Docs: Comer

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"The boxes were not in a ‘locked closet’…"

THU APR 6, AT 8:40 PM

Mass Automation To Sweep Across Walmart Stores By 2026

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"By the end of Fiscal Year 2026, Walmart believes roughly 65% of stores will be serviced by automation…"

THU APR 6, AT 7:25 PM

Criminal Gang Cuts Hole Through Apple Store Wall, Steals $500,000 Worth Of iPhones

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"It was a] 24 by 18 hole cut in the wall into what appears to be the back room of the Apple store."

THU APR 6, AT 6:00 PM

We have all seen startling news footage and Twitter videos featuring ‘smash-and-grabs‘ targeting retail outlets. There has been a surge in retail thefts in cities led by Democrats, often linked to relaxed laws that enable acts of lawlessness to unfold. Recently, organized criminal gangs have intensified their attacks on retail stores, as demonstrated by an incident in Washington State when thieves cut a hole in the wall to access an Apple store.

Seattle’s KOMO 4 News reported that an organized crime gang breached the wall of an Apple store via a neighboring espresso machine shop at Alderwood Mall in Lynnwood, Seattle.

"Our front door was locked. They pried our front door open.

was a] 24 by 18 hole cut in the wall into what appears to be the back room of the Apple store. I’m surprised we were the conduit for them to get to the Apple store. I had no clue we were so close or adjacent to them," Seattle Coffee Gear Regional Manager Eric Marks explained.

Burglars cut a hole through the coffee shop’s bathroom wall to access the Apple store undetected.