A new Axis of Dictatorships vs WEF conflict is dangerous to mankind

A new Axis of Dictatorships is on a collision course with the plutocratic World Economic Forum’s ambition putting mankind at risk of a widespread war.

Ever since the Communist Soviet empire’s collapse because of extreme poverty created by socialism under one party dictatorship, the US has been the unrivaled de facto leader for most of the nations on Earth. The plutocrats of the world quickly found inside influence with the first President Bush to advocate for doing business with Communist China (CCP), taking advantage of cheap labor and the expectation of a vast untapped mass of consumers- the late 20th century version of colonialism without occupying territory.

China quickly became an economic power especially after becoming a member of the World Trade Organization with the support of US President Bill Clinton. Together with then British Prime Minister Tony Blair, Clinton promoted the economic Global Initiatives which furthered the formation of multinational corporations with plenty of cheap labor located mostly in developing world. The countries of Western Europe had to form a European Union (EU) to compete economically with the US, Japan, and China. Plutocrats of the world quickly realized that they could exert political power behind those global economic initiatives, thus the creation of the World Economic Forum (WEF), in which the elites met periodically for planning and decision making on important matters impacting the rest of the world. The WEF has vast influence on many countries of the industrial world while the UN withers.

Since the dawn of the 21st century, the WEF has pushed for electric power as the new standard source of energy, using combating the danger of “ global warming” by reducing or eliminating emissions of CO2 from burning fossil fuels as the cause celeb. After a decade or so, it appeared that global warming is not a guaranteed thing, so the cri de guerre became stopping climate change from using fossil fuels with the same restrictive policy toward usage of gas and petroleum as before.

This policy posed a threat to Russia’s economy and stability because fossil fuel is its main product of monetary value. Vladimir Putin has become a dictator by eliminating the old oligarchs one by one while using extreme Russian nationalism to gather public support. This extreme nationalism was used as a “false flag” to invade Ukraine and start a war that has lasted for more than a year without any end in sight. In the meantime, mostly because of the success of the Tesla EV company and many of its competitors, battery technology has made rapid innovative breakthroughs in quality, charging duration, and electric power storage capacity, using cheaper materials which have made the WEF electrification scheme closer to reality with potential huge profits for plutocrats and investors while the average consumers are forced to pay more and more for gasoline until they can purchase EVs.

This prospect of petroleum becoming a source of creating materials instead of fuel is causing consternation among countries where wealth comes from producing fossil fuels such as Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Russia…. China, the world’s factory, depends on fossil fuels to power its production of merchandise. Last month, those aforementioned countries formed an alliance to coordinate and manipulate the price of oil. This is an Axis of Dictatorships in which the Chinese Communist Party, Putin’s extreme Russian nationalism, Iran’s Islamic theocracy, and Saudi Arabia monarchy, together control 80% of the world fossil fuel production today. It’s worth noting that energy created from fossil fuels represents the past, while the WEF electrification ambition is the future of energy in the 200- year-plus Industrial Revolution that’s still going on today.

We have observed that big conflicts led to big wars when one source of energy used to power the machines transitioned to a newer, more efficient source as the industrial revolution evolved, and that devastating wars happened before the new technology settled and mankind (those who survived the devastations) enjoyed a higher quality of life from modern technological advances. Conflicts arose from steam powered railroad played a role in the US Civil War and war against the Indian nations, similar thing happened when nations fought two World Wars over petroleum used in combustion engines.

The collision course between this new Axis of Dictatorships (fossil fuels, past technology) and WEF (total electrification, future technology) can lead to another widespread war from the current regional war in Ukraine. We can only hope that current leaders are wise enough to resolve the differences through peaceful channels and avoid a repeat of history.

Pham Hieu Liem

Copyright April/2023