City of Tampa’s AAPI Cultural Festival – May 13th, 2023

Dear all:

VACA is proudly to participate and host this cultural festival in May to bring awareness to others about our Vietnamese Americans.
VACA will have 2 booths to exhibit our arts, teach attendees to make bookmarks and do calligraphy, and educate children by letting them color the book about the Republic of Vietnam (South Vietnam, our flag, the war…) and our culture (what we wear, eat, drink…)

Please watch the short video for more information about the event and our activities.

Hope a little contribution from VACA to show our government, diverse communities, and local people about us and our lost motherland will at least bring us their recognition, and respect.

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Minh Anh Truong Nguyen

Liên Minh Bảo Hiến Mỹ Gốc Việt
(813) 570-0122