Nolte: Chris Licht’s Firing Is only a Symptom of CNN’s Incurable Cancer

My favorite part of the whole Chris Licht Fired story is everyone pretending former CEO Chris Licht was the problem.

Licht was obviously a hapless narcissist dumb enough to allow a fake “journalist” from the far-left Atlantic to follow him around for a year. He got what he deserved. But firing Chris Licht is like firing the cabin boy for the sinking of the Titanic.

Licht wasn’t the problem.

CNN is the problem.

If you need proof of this, let’s look at why Licht was fired… We all know why. He was fired over former President Trump dominating a CNN town hall. That’s all. That’s it. All that happened on that fateful night was that Trump managed to do three things: 1) express his beliefs, 2) look like a man in command of the day’s issues, and 3) overcome the not-very-bright moderator brought in to trip him up.

Think about that…

The leading candidate for the Republican presidential nomination, the man currently ahead of His Fraudulency Joe Biden in the polls, looked good while informing the country of his vision for the future, so the CEO had to go.

A cancer-free institution would not have fired anyone over such a thing.

And it wasn’t as if CNN’s dim-witted town hall moderator failed to challenge Trump. She did. She tried. It was just that Trump was too prepared and too clever for her. She badgered, she nagged, she lied… He ducked her weak jabs and won by a landslide. That’s all that happened that night: a Republican helped his electoral prospects.


CNN is an institution staffed and run by far-left propagandists who will not tolerate a Donald Trump looking good. These wretched people — the Anderson Coopers, John Kings, Dana Bashes, Jake Tappers, Erin Burnetts, Christiane Amanpours — are so corrupt, entitled, and intolerant that Trump looking good is a hanging offense.

The Woke Gestapo at CNN, specifically Burnett, Tapper, and Cooper — who we now know actively lobbied to fire Licht — are CNN. They are that failed institution and an institution that is corrupt, entitled, and intolerant is too broken to be salvageable.

The fact that someone — the CEO, no less — tried to destroy Trump, faced an internal revolt, and was then fired for failing to destroy Trump is a symptom of what’s really wrong with CNN.

Let’s back up a bit…

Within the parameters of classic journalism, of what journalism once was and should be again, nothing that was anything but positive happened during that town hall. The leading presidential candidate was questioned and challenged. He also managed to articulately express and defend his ideas. That’s how journalism is supposed to work.

But what journalism has become, especially at CNN, is a bigoted hate outlet determined to subjugate half the country.

What CNN’s Brownshirts demanded from that town hall was not news, was not voters having the opportunity to hear out the next potential president. Instead, the Brownshirts demanded headlines about how Trump was DESTROYED, ANNIHILATED, DISGRACED, and OWNED. And when they failed to get those headlines, when actual journalism accidentally occurred (thanks only to Trump’s smarts and preparedness), the frothing-at-the-mouth Brownshirts demanded a scalp.

Throughout all this silly, pointless corporate drama, remember why Licht was fired…. Because after Donald Trump was questioned, challenged, and “fact” checked, he still managed to look good.

And that truth tells us CNN is staffed with a malignant cancer no one has the moral courage to remove.

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