The Healing Time – Thời Gian Hàn Gắn Xoa Dịu Nỗi Đau

Dear our Heroes,

In our hearts, you’re our heroes, who fought for our motherland, protected our freedom, and prevented the communists from spreading to south Asia.

This June, we will have an ARVN’s Day to commemorate the noble service of the Army of the Republic of Vietnam (South Vietnam).

Whether you’re former ARVN’s officers or Vietnam Veterans, please kindly help me to answer these questions:

You (the Vietnam Veterans and ARVN officers) sacrificed your youth to keep the world’s safety and freedom, the fall of South Vietnam was painted differently from the U.S.: it all blamed the army of the Republic of Vietnam.: corruption, cowardice, and irresponsibility…the Americans lost over 58 thousand soldiers, whereas, the ARVN lost fourth time more! And the Vietnamese media blamed the chaotic withdrawal and the break of the promise of the Nixon-Ford administration and the House. The Vietnam Veterans came home in shame, unappreciative, and unfair treatment from the Americans. The ARVN officers were cheated and cruelly put in re-education camps (labor camps). Both sides had suffered tremendously.
Today, there are many ARVN officers resettled in the United States. Their children are successfully building a new life here. The truth about the Vietnam War prevails. In March, we recognize Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans’ Day. Both groups are getting smaller due to the death of old age or sickness.
1. Why is there still a rift between the Vietnam Veterans and the ARVN officers?
2.. In your opinion, what can we do to erase the misunderstanding and build a good relationship between the two groups?

Please send your replies to my email: truongdominhanh. We need to collect your thoughts to support a healing program for both groups.

We greatly appreciate your cooperation. It’s time to heal and be happy and at peace.


Anh Nguyen

Minh Anh Truong Nguyen

Liên Minh Bảo Hiến Mỹ Gốc Việt
(813) 570-0122