The Australian Labor Party failed to stop the tour of Donald Trump Jr.

By Hoa Truong July 7, 2023

The Australian Labor Party is the mongrel communist party in
Australia, the communist stance puts above the national interest, and
the Australian people. The demagogic policies like the hoax climate
change, the homosexuality (same-sex marriage legislation), and the
illegal migrants covered the label of human rights that turned humans
wrong and couldn’t hide their Marxism-Leninist-Maoist activities from
the public. Mostly, Labor prime ministers like Bob Hawke, Paul
Keating, and Kevin Rudd showed long-term solid comradeship with Tofu
Communist Party in Beijing, they stood alongside China during ruling
the Australian government, and after retiring, so someone called the
ALP is the AUSTRALIAN LENINIST PARTY. Almost, the politicians of the
Labor Party supported the Democratic Party in the presidential
election. Actually, in the presidential election in 2016, Labor
Opposition leader Bill Shorten, and Labor Senate leader Penny Wong
attacked Republican candidate Donald Trump, instead, they supported
comrade Hillary Clinton. Unfortunately, the patriotic billionaire
Donald Trump claimed a landslide victory and became the 45th President
of the United States. The antipathy of the Australian Labor Party
discriminating against the patriotic President Donald Trump has never
changed as the communist regime discriminates against the
counter-revolutionary families applying to three generations. The
manner is an essential characteristic of the left parties in
democratic countries like Australia. The tiger snake has never lost
the venom, so the communists and mongrel communists have never given
up Marxism.

Donald Trump Jr, son of the patriotic President Donald Trump plans the
tour in Australia, he will arrive in Sydney (N.S.W), Brisbane
(Queensland), and Melbourne (Victoria). Therefore, on July 6, 20223,
the Home Affairs Minister, and Minister for Cyber Security Prime
Minister Anthony Albanese, Miss Clare Ellen O’Neil shows the
low-concerned politics level of the Australian minister, she ignore
the position of Australian minister, so she twittered” Donald Trump Jr
is a sore loser and a big baby”. The incident was broadcast worldwide
including the Australian media and television. On July 6, 2023, released an article on the internet written by NCA
NewsWire{” A “childish” tweet from the Home Affairs Minister in which
she branded Donald Trump’s son a “big baby” and a “sore loser” has
been taken down within an hour of posting}. The thick head, and
childish Home Affairs Minister of Australia, Miss Clare Ellen O’Neil
also declared to cancel the entry visa of Donald Trump Jr without a
reason. Possibly, the idiotic decision is led by socialism, because
Donald Trump and his family members promote patriotism that conflicts
with communism.

Nevertheless, yesterday, on July 5, 2023, Australia’s Indigenous
Affairs Minister Linda Burney addressed the National Press Club to
accuse the NO campaign of importing Trump-style politics, despite the
Voice of Parliament being a domestic issue in Australia, not related
the Donald Trump. The incidents made by two ministers of the
Australian Leninist Party exposes the hostile attitude toward the
patriotic President Donald Trump, and his family members like Donald
Trump. Jr couldn’t accept. Therefore, the incompetent Prime Minister
Anthony Albanese picked his low-concerned ministers in the Labor
cabinet reflecting the French proverb” Dis-moi qui tu fréquentes, je
te dirai qui tu es”. The incidents proved Prime Minister Anthony
Albanese loses control of his cabinet. Moreover, the Australian people
believe Anthony Albanese is the puppet of Foreign Affairs Minister
Penny Wong, who also holds the Labor leader in the Senate. The role of
Penny Wong is like the position of Secretary-General of a Communist
party. Actually, the decision of Home Affairs Minister Ellen O’Neil
represents the stance of the Australian Leninist Party, possibly
Supreme Leader Penny Wong. The Labor donkey voters wake up, the ALP is
controlled by Penny Wong who always stands alongside with Tofu
Communist Party

The childish attitude of Home Affairs Minister Clare Ellen O’Neil
makes the world and Australian people laugh. Opposition Homes Affairs
Spokesman James Paterson slams the low-concerned level of Labor Home
Affairs Minister as the” JUVENILE TWEETS”, and he said” Like it or
not, Trump could be elected president again in less than 18 months. If
that happens, I hope for the sake of the AUKUS agreement that cabinet
ministers in national security portfolios are able to restrain
themselves from juvenile tweets like these”

The public reacts against two ministers, so Prime Minister Anthony
Albanese confirms Donald Trump. Jr is like everyone, and his visa
doesn’t cancel as the Home Affairs Minister Clare Ellen O’Neil
declared. Therefore, another Labor frontbencher, Immigration Minister
Andrew Giles, sophisticated and protects comrade Ellen O’Neil by
straying a lack of ticket sales that causes Donald Trump Jr to cancel
the tour last minute. The argument of Immigration Minister Andrew
Giles reflects the obstinate, and brazen speech of a communist in
China, Vietnam, and North Korea.

The people remember a few months ago, the Labor government warmly
welcomed their great comrade Hussein Barack Obama, and his wife”
Michael Obama ” touring Australia without a problem, and Obama met
Prime Minister Anthony Albanese. The visit of Hussein Barack Obama
was broadly broadcast on Australian television. Therefore, the tour of
Donald Trump Jr is quiet, and the media avoided releasing the news
until Home Affairs Minister Clare Ellen O’Neil declared to cancel the
visa, and Prime Minister Anthony Albanese told the difference from his
minister, it means the Australian government doesn’t cancel the visa
of Donald Trump Jr. Therefore, the incident advertises the tour of
Donald Trump Jr, he doesn’t spend a cent, but the Australian people
can meet him in the states above. In the United States, every witch
hunt targets patriotic President Donald Trump, his massive supporters,
and his financial contribution rise. The knavish indictment of Alvin
Bragg, Attorney General of New York, Letitia James, and Jack Smith
backfired on Democrats. In Australia, Donald Trump Jr gained the
advertising free with the childish Home Affairs Minister, and the left
television. On the other hand, the attitude of the Australian Home
Affairs Minister is like a kid licking ice cream while the country
needs a potential minister, not a kiddy minister.

If the crown prince of corrupt king Joe Biden tours Australia, the
Labor government will warmly welcome Hunter Biden and deserves the
priority. Therefore, the Australian people respect the patriotic
President Donald Trump and his family members including Donald Trump
Jr, but Joe Biden is the 46th illegal president, and Hunter Biden is a
lustful person plus a drug user/.