Jason Aldean Defies Cancel Mob, Performs ‘Try That in a Small Town’ as Crowd Chants USA: I Want to See America Restored to What It Once Was

Country music superstar Jason Aldean defied the cancel mob to perform “Try That in a Small Town” during a concert Friday as leftists continued their efforts to smear and censor the hit song.

His defiant tone inspired the audience to chant “USA! USA!” in support of the singer.

Jason Aldean was performing at the Riverbend Music Center in Cincinnati on Friday when he addressed the recent attacks on the song by the mainstream media, which has attempted to smear it as racist for its depiction of the deadly Black Lives Matter riots of 2020 and the surge in crime plaguing major cities.

“I gotta tell you guys,” Aldean said Friday evening. “It’s been a long-ass week. It’s been a long week and I’ve seen a lot of stuff. I’ve seen a lot of stuff suggesting I’m this, suggesting I’m that.”

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