No Humans Needed: Kroger Opens Grocery Store Without Cashiers or Baggers

Alana Mastrangelo
28 Jul 2023

A Kroger grocery store in Tennessee has recently converted to only self-checkouts with no cashiers or baggers present. The company claims the move will not result in store employees losing their jobs.

Customers have reportedly been using these self-checkout lanes at a higher rate in the store — which is in Cool Springs, Tennessee — than in other locations.

Kroger employees have not been laid off as a result of this change, according to ABC 6, which noted that staff would be retained to assist customers in the checkout lanes, and with bagging groceries, if needed.

The conversation, however was made on Friday, so it is very news. Currently, there are no plans to expand these self-checkout kiosks in Kroger stores across the country. The change also features new wide-belt self-checkout lanes that are made to accommodate a lot of items in comparison to the number of items that traditional self-checkouts can handle.

Kroger, which is based in Cincinnati, Ohio, is reportedly the nation’s largest operator of traditional supermarkets, with more than 100 stores in its Cincinnati/Dayton division.

A lot of stores across the United States have recently begun implementing self-checkout lanes, such as Walmart and Target.

As Breitbart News previously reported, the grocery store chain ShopRite replaced many of the cashier-run checkout lines in its Delaware stores with self-checkout stations.

Fresh Thyme Market in Cleveland, Ohio, has also recently implemented self-checkout kiosks, with employees standing by to help customers with anything they may need while they ring up their items.

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