Triumphant Trump and Transition of Modern GOP

Triumphant Trump and transition of Modern GOP

Several significant events happened last week with possible lasting impacts on American politics going to the Fall campaign before the general election of 2024:

1- President Trump, together with multiple lawyers and aides, arrived at the Fulton County Jail to be arraigned for Court appearance on the racketeering charges regarding the November 2020 election results in Georgia. This was the fourth time that Trump, a former US President, and current leading opposition candidate, has been indicted for some alleged crimes, which gives the appearance of “banana republic” lawfare tactics to suppress opposition by the Democrats in power. Because of that sentiment, Trump came out with “the mug shot heard around the world” with full PR and marketing advantages.

2- The GOP’s first primary debate, hosted by Fox News, was skipped by Trump, who holds an overwhelming polling advantage ahead of his 2nd place rival. Two candidates, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and Biotech Business magnate Vivek Ramaswamy, represented the Modern GOP of America First Trumpy nationalism currently supported by over 80% of Republican voters, while the rest (Nikki Haley and several other RINOs) got stuck in their Bushee internationalism from the previous century. The GOP’s future belongs to DeSantis and Vivek instead of the ”has-beens”.

3- President Trump sat for an interview with former Fox News star host Tucker Carlson, appearing on X (formerly Twitter) at the same time as the GOP debate on Fox. The interview got several million more viewers than did the debate at the time they were running simultaneously. However, overnight the interview on X got more than 200 million additional views. Clearly, the X video streaming platform represents the future and cable news is becoming less impactful.

Welcome to the Fall primary campaign with triumphant Trump and the modern popular nationalist GOP. The Democrats desperate lawfare will cause some grave distractions throughout which will make the general election even more tumultuous. But will it affect the election outcome? At this time, the answer is NO, because the public sentiment is with Trump, and he will come out victorious.

Pham Hieu Liem

Freedom-VACA President