What If Joe Biden Was The True Villain In The Obama Administration All Along?

by jessicac

Everyone has been looking at the Biden family influence peddling scheme from the wrong angle. Joe Biden was not incidental to his son Hunter Biden’s pay-to-play scheme. Joe Biden was the boss, and he used his crackhead son to do the heavy lifting.

Remember, a lot of the Biden family bribes that are being revealed right now happened when Joe Biden was Barack Obama’s vice president. Joe wasn’t a total dementia potato back then and still had all his faculties. He was the “Big Guy” who got 10% kicked up to him on every deal.

This raises a question. Obama made Hillary stop much of her influence peddling operation through the Clinton Foundation while she was his Secretary of State. Bill Clinton was still raking in cash, but Obama made Hillary tone it down. Meanwhile, Obama allowed Joe Biden to run wild, taking bribes from China, Russia, Ukraine, Romania, Kazakhstan and who knows where else.

Why was Joe Biden not held to the same standard as Hillary Clinton?

Next question: Are you ready to jump down a rabbit hole?

During the 2008 presidential primaries, a company called The Analysis Corporation hacked into the passport files of Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and John McCain at the State Department. I covered the story for ABC News at the time. The Analysis Corporation was a CIA front company that was subcontracting to the State Department at the time. The hack was carried out with the help of Lieutenant Quarles Harris Jr., who was a State Department employee.

The Analysis Corporation is owned by longtime CIA operative John Brennan. When the scandal broke, Brennan announced that his rogue employees had acted on their own, and he had fired or disciplined all of them, including Quarles Harris. That was the end of the story at the time.

But why hack into passport files of presidential candidates?

Remember how Hillary Clinton was the original “birther?” She accused Obama of having been born in Kenya, which would therefore make him ineligible to even run for president. A person’s confidential passport files contain their name, gender, social security number, date and place of birth, and passport number. It can also include birth certificates and naturalization certificates.

And that meant that there would be a problem with Obama’s passport file if it were ever to become public. The hack was about scrubbing incriminating evidence from Barack Obama’s passport files. They only hacked Hillary and McCain’s files to throw up smoke and mirrors. Barack Obama’s passport file was the real target, because he was not born in this country.

Then-Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice personally called Obama, McCain and Clinton to apologize for the breach. Joe Biden had run for president that year but ended up dropping out on January 3rd, 2008. Much like Kamala Harris in 2020, Joe didn’t even make it to the voting stage of the primaries. He knew he was going to end up with zero delegates, so he quietly went back to being Delaware’s US Senator, and also the Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

The passport files at the State Department were hacked on January 9th, February 21st, and March 14th of 2008. Barack Obama went on to win the nomination, and then he inexplicably chose Joe Biden as his running mate later in the campaign. Joe Biden? Seriously?

The same Joe Biden who called Barack Obama a “clean, well-spoken young black kid?” That didn’t’ make any sense to anyone at the time. Why not pick Hillary Clinton as his running mate, or someone else? There were plenty of people who were definitely more qualified to be vice president than Joe Biden.

Have you tied up the bow yet?

The Senate Foreign Relations Committee has oversight of the State Department. That was the committee that investigated the breach carried out by John Brennan’s CIA front company. The breach was done to clean up Barack Hussein Obama’s dirty passport application, which had proof that he was ineligible to be president.

Joe Biden had dirt on Obama and was selected to be his vice president. John Brennan, who also had the dirt, became Obama’s CIA Director. When Harris Quarles Jr. was set to testify about his participation in the passport breach for his boss John Brennan, he was found dead in his car in late April of 2008, with two bullets in the back of his head.

Do you still think that Joe Biden is your friendly uncle, and that he was just an unwitting participant in Hunter Biden’s criminal schemes?