Matthew Whitaker to Newsmax: Biden Knew About Son’s Business Dealings

By Solange Reyner

Former acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker says there appears to be more evidence that President Joe Biden knew what Hunter Biden was doing and what he was interested in and provided the insider information that "allowed Hunter to do these business dealings and have credibility with Ukrainian oligarchs."

"One of the things that I’m looking at in this case is the whole situation with the White House and Vice President Biden’s office, communicating with Hunter Biden as to when folks were talking with Ukrainian officials," Whitaker said Thursday during an appearance on Newsmax‘s "Carl Higbie FRONTLINE."

"I think that’s a very interesting piece of this, obviously, even though Joe Biden continues to deny that he talked to his son about his business dealings; we know that’s not true."

Whitaker said he hopes House Republicans continue to "go to the mat" on the Hunter Biden probe.

"This is certainly an area where they have a lot of oversight, responsibility. And the Department of Justice should be more responsive," he said in reference to the DOJ’s telling the House Judiciary Committee earlier this week that it would not cooperate with subpoenas for two FBI agents involved in the department’s investigation of Hunter Biden because of the committee’s stipulations for their depositions.

"And if you have to hold people in contempt or otherwise, you know you’re going to have to exercise that authority. And remember: The power of the purse is a very powerful instrument to use as well," added Whitaker.

House Republicans are mulling a possible impeachment inquiry against the elder Biden, based partly on allegations that the president, his son, and other family members have engaged in financial misconduct, allegations the White House strongly denies. They have not produced evidence of financial misconduct by the president.