Politico Declares Biden Books ‘Bombing’ on Day Marlow’s ‘Breaking Bi den’ Rockets to #18 on Amazon

It was the best of timing; it was the worst of timing.

The very day left-wing Politico declared that “Biden books are still bombing” and that the 46th U.S. president “isn’t quite the publishing house’s dream that his predecessor was,” Breitbart Editor-in-Chief Alex Marlow’s forthcoming Breaking Biden rocketed to #18 on the Amazon charts.

Marlow’s second book, a deep-dive investigation into Joe Biden’s career with a focus on his corruption, was dominating the Amazon charts as of early Wednesday morning. It topped several categories on Amazon including the “Movers and Shakers,” “Political Conservatism & Liberalism,” and “United States Executive Government,” where it surpassed The Last Politician, a pro-Biden book that hit bookstores Tuesday

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