Netanyahu Vows “Every Hamas Operative Will Die” As Israeli Citizenry Mobilizes For War

THURSDAY, OCT 12, 2023 – 05:45 AM

Update(1820ET): PM Netanyahu, just after forming an emergency war-time government with Benny Gantz..

Benny Gantz, who joined an emergency government with Netanyahu, stated on Wednesday that his cooperation with the government is “a clear message to our adversaries and to all Israeli citizens: all of us together are mobilizing.” Gantz said after the Security Cabinet meeting in which he participated, “Just as people from left and right, from the city and the village, go out to fight, decisions of the government will also be made by people from different camps. Now, we are all one camp – the camp of the people of Israel.”

These Israeli leaders don’t seem too concerned (an understatement) about the immense and rapidly mounting civilian casualties among Palestinians caught under the air war with nowhere to go, as a long, bloody ground campaign in the Gaza Strip looks inevitable.

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