Dđ TuoiHac -> Ukraine hit Russian Navy ships with experimental weapons

Ukraine confirmed that it attacked two Russian naval ships in the Black Sea over the past three days. This was a joint attack operation between the Navy and the Security Service of Ukraine with the use of a new “experimental weapon” improved Sea Baby..

SBU sources told the Kyiv Post that the missile carrier was attacked on Friday while the Pavel Derzhavin was attacked. And after the first explosion, Russian minesweepers and divers were unable to determine how Ukraine had attacked.

They added that a Russian submarine named Alrosa “was lucky to escape” this “new weapon.”

However, the Buyan cruise missile ship was not so lucky, so it was attacked during the raid in Sevastopol by the new experimental weapon of ‘Sea Babies’.

There are currently no reports of damage or casualties, but images released yesterday showed a Russian ship – believed to be the Buyan – billowing smoke off the coast of Sevastopol.

The Ukrainian Security Service issued a warning to Russia that it is not necessary to pass through Ukrainian waters if it wants to preserve what is left of its fleet in the Black Sea.

‘Sea Baby’ is the latest version of the USV, a Ukrainian unmanned surface ship that was first used in the attack on Crimea’s Kerch bridge on July 17.

‘Sea Baby’ has a new hull design with a raised bow resembling a small boat. More importantly, it may have been equipped with a special warhead weighing 860kg much larger than other models.