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Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,
The despicable act of the Viet Cong who specializes in editing other people’s emails to make up stories and write slander with the purpose of dividing anti-communist elements.
This fraud is named Vc and pimp Vc pimp Go Vap < govap69 >; This guy has about 100 fake emails, which I collected myself and have transferred to this mobile phone twice for you to monitor.
This guy often edits emails of people who often write anti-communist articles and defend Religion.
But few people fell for this VC’s tricks.
I myself had this VC edit my email several times, but was immediately discovered.
In my opinion, this Vc guy is too stupid, because he can’t write any words that can attract the opponent to follow him, so he has to play despicable tricks hoping to cause division on the mobile phone. But the "childish" trick not only failed to fool anyone, but on the contrary, everyone despised them and realized that the Viet Cong could not recruit elite members, but could only recruit uneducated, uneducated thugs. and uneducated.

Evidence that the articles of names like: Giac Hanh, Ri Nguyen, Hong Pham, Go Vap, etc. are full of vulgar curses, fabrications, slander, etc.
Because in reality, they do not have enough theoretical qualifications to defend the Ho bandit and the party who have done so many evil and cruel things, killing innocent people and being cowardly with the Chinese Communists who have robbed the country.
Their party’s only talent is embezzlement, draining ordinary people and public funds to enrich themselves.
The Ho Bandit, the only leader they consider a god, is just a rapist and a great villain. He murdered 20,000 innocent people in the previous CCR incident, and was also ungrateful and treacherous. Even her benefactor, Mrs. Cat Hanh Long, donated all her assets to the "Hoi bandits’ resistance against the French".
An inhuman, unjust and evil leader of course must recruit street-level, immoral pimps who are just as inhuman and unjust as him.
The evidence is the writings of Giac Hanh, Go Vap, Cu Tran Lac Dao, etc. They only have the talent to swear, fabricate, and slander, so they were all locked up, no one bothered to read them.
Thinking back, they are so pitiful…!!!

Go Vap has edited Dr. Ton That Son’s email as follows:
< stonthat259 >; < tonthat.3439 >;
and correct my email: < paultran583 >; < paultran5533 > ;
< myviet > ; < myviet2018 >; < myviet2018 >; So please respectfully inform you.

On Fri, Oct 13, 2023 at 10:50 AM Son Tonthat < tonthat.son3943 > wrote:

Dear Forum Members,

We would like to respectfully inform you that the Public Opinionist VC has once again disguised himself as Ton That Son TRU and posted articles online.but the words were those of a thug to make Vi Huu Dang van Au angry with the purpose of using Anti-VC/Anti-VT/Anti-Those-Anti-D.Trump Deng Van Let’s use the TRUE Ton That Son, let us tear each other apart.

Ladies and Gentlemen,
About a year ago, the VC DLV was angry at Ton That Son TRUTH with the evil VC Party’s words that hit the death hole , so this group created a movement to insult Ton That Son TRUTH with dirty/degrading language. in the Vietnamese dictionary, causing one of the Dan Anh/Friends to feel sorry for this Ton-That Son.
Seeing that the REAL Ton That Son was undeterred, the VC DLVs changed their tactics, by using Ton That Son’s TRUE name and posting on the internet a number of articles that were very OFFENSIVE to the nationalist Quy Vi Huu. The family was steadfast, and the bones of the UGLY Ton That Son TRULY made Quy Vi Huu KINDLY turn his back in contempt.

Ton-that Son’s email box < tonthat.son3943 > in
with the name Ton That Son Fakethen the VC crowd on the interwebs swaps/changes the number 3943 behind <tonthat.son >
So, we respectfully request Quy Vi Huu that when you see the name Ton-That Son with a number other than 3943 , it means Ton-That Son FAKE of the VC Public Opinion group.

This trick of throwing stones and fingerprints was applied to a Vi Huu whose true anti-VC spirit I admire, PAUL TRAN< paultran533 >.

Sorry to bother you.

Ton That Son < tonthat.son3943 >