Exclusive—Alex Marlow on ‘Breaking Biden’: The Evidence Shows Joe Biden Doesn’t Care About National Security

“Folks are tired of being taken advantage of and played for suckers,” Joe Biden said during remarks in the White House Rose Garden last Wednesday.

“Unfair fees known as junk fees – those hidden charges that companies sneak into your bill to make you pay more because they can. Simply because they can. Charges that are taking real money out of the pockets of American families,” the president said, as if speaking to an audience of suckers.

Yes, with Islamic terrorism dominating the front pages around the world, and with Americans literally being held hostage by Hamas at that exact moment, Joe Biden set his mind to vanquishing the evil that is “junk fees.”

While no one likes “junk fees,” this is just the latest reminder that Joe Biden does not prioritize keeping Americans safe. Then again, what do we expect from a president who believes that “the only existential threat” we face is “global warming”?

National security is Joe Biden’s oldest and biggest blind spot. He is a foreign affairs dynamo in his own mind, a world class diplomat. But his record shows that he is the exact opposite. I thoroughly document his numerous failings in my new New York Times bestselling book Breaking Biden. Example after example illustrates a simple truth: Joe Biden has no interest in — or vision for — protecting the citizens of our country.

Even the Democratic establishment knows this. Former Defense Secretary Robert Gates said in 2014 that “[Biden] has been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades.” However, the Obama administration still saw fit to put Biden in charge of Ukraine and China. Adding those countries to Biden’s portfolio did not benefit any Americans – aside from the ones with the last name Biden. The Biden family cut lucrative deals in each country, and you’ll find all the details extensively footnoted in Breaking Biden.

Cash for Terrorists

The Obama/Biden administration also airlifted Iranians $400 million in cash, delivered on a pallet, as part of a $1.7 billion payment.

Who sends pallets of cash to people who want the United States (and Israel) wiped off the map? Barack Obama and Joe Biden, apparently.

They funded the funders of terrorism with your taxpayer dollars in the most humiliating way possible.

Sadly, Joe has continued this legacy since ascending to the Oval Office.

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