Tin mới nhất về cuộc chiến giữa Is rael và Hamas..đã qua ngày thứ 11..

Xin chuyển đến Quý Vị, Quý NT và Ch…

Tin mới nhất về cuộc chiến giữa Israel và Hamas..đã qua ngày thứ 11..

Trong khi đó hàng trăm ngàn lục quân Israel và quân dụng, vũ khí, đặc biệt là chiến xe đủ loại,

đang chờ đợi tại biên giới Gaza, sẵn sàng tiến vào Gaza khi có lệnh…

Xin mời Quý Vị theo dõi hai video clips để tường..

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Breaking News: Israel-Gaza Conflict Intensifies! RED ALERT: Israel Prepares for Ground Invasion as US Pledges Support In this urgent update, tensions escalate in the Israel-Gaza conflict, with Israel’s ground invasion imminent. Watch as we unpack the latest developments: Israel’s Ground Offensive: Israeli forces seal off Gaza as preparations for a ground invasion intensify. With fighting ongoing, Israel’s demands grow, and the US pledges an additional $2 billion in support. US-Israel Partnership: The US reaffirms its unwavering support for Israel, with a history of significant military aid. A second carrier group is deployed to deter regional involvement, while Iron Dome’s missile defense faces challenges. Iran’s Warning: Hezbollah rockets target northern Israel, and the US warns Iran against involvement. The US military support serves as both reassurance to Israel and a stern message to Iran. Hamas’s Arsenal: Evidence emerges of advanced weaponry in Hamas’s arsenal, including Iranian-made air defense systems. Global Reactions: International rallies and calls for humanitarian aid as the conflict’s toll rises. Stay informed about this critical situation by subscribing and hitting the notification bell. Like and share this video to spread awareness of the evolving crisis. Join the discussion in the comments section, promoting respectful dialogue. Thank you for choosing our channel for reliable updates on this rapidly unfolding conflict.

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Hamas releases first video of hostage held inside Gaza

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In the video released by Hamas, 21-year-old Miya Shem says she’s being given medical care and asks to go home as soon as possible. It’s unclear if she’s being forced to make the statement or when the video was shot. Meanwhile, there’s a flurry of diplomatic activity in Israel, as three sources tell NBC News President Biden is strongly considering a trip there in the coming days. Lester Holt is inside Israel with the latest.