Radical Democrats are now attempting to REMOVE your all-time favorite president from the ballot.

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Date: November 3, 2023 at 21:45:55 EDT
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Show the country that YOU stand with President Trump!eo?_t=c26d591425684a3289b90149d613a03c&_m=b785815b57e04f8ea249a69ca55322cc&_e=PK_rLpr2pfeWU_Ho3eFCpblvJaQ1VXPmfY33Zvuyefaamefw1oafGjLNmVMYRaxmxRh0LC7JvVlR3jrS4oX0wXHE_jq4sRz6lQXwgWeQTltgFQAKAslhd3qbq4Hv14CxjW9G-ENRfzkYVdMM2rxifA%3D%3D

Since arresting and censoring President Trump couldn’t slow down our campaign, the Radical Democrats are now attempting to REMOVE your all-time favorite president from the ballot.

But like every other witch hunt, the Left’s latest attempt to CANCEL OUT YOUR VOTE will BACKFIRE beautifully.

Because the millions and millions of grassroots patriots who make up our movement will NEVER SURRENDER our country to tyranny!
And what better way to show that YOU are one of those freedom-loving patriots than with your very own Official Trump 2024 Bumper Sticker.
Which is why President Trump has instructed us to begin shipping out FREE sets of our bumper stickers to ANY patriot who makes a contribution of $18 or more to peacefully DEFEND our movement from the Left’s endless witch hunts.
But first Diem, the President asked that we pass along this personal message:
“If you’re struggling right now due to the crooks, thugs, and fools currently running our country, then please don’t even think about donating! In that case, all I ask for is your vote. And don’t you worry, I’ll still have a gift for you all the same: the gift of an America MADE GREAT AGAIN!
Please make a contribution of $18 to DEFEND our movement from the never-ending witch hunts and MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN – and we’ll send you your very own set of Official Trump 2024 Bumper Stickers for FREE.
Thank you,
Team Trump

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