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Chương cuối cùng của Phóng Sự Trường Thiên Tiểu Thuyết "BẠCH CUNG ÁNH SÁNG VÀ BÓNG TỐI" dịch sang Anh Ngữ. Nội dung dự báo số phận của vị Tổng Thống vĩ đại Donald Trump và Hoa Kỳ năm 2024. Mời quý vị theo dõi tiếp PART II: The Devil’s Party:
The Book Has Historical and Literary Value
With a reportage writing style, mixed with fiction and a combination of documentary evidence, the book has great value in the contemporary history of American politics. The writer Phong Thu had a vision beyond what was happening. She succeeded in several indie books.
Hoai Thanh -Former Editor of Dai Chung Newspaper
The Ship Of Destiny
Reading the six books of the writer, I was drawn to the path she was taking. I accompanied her and many Vietnamese people to follow in the footsteps of President Donald Trump to board the fateful train with the dream of saving America.
Le Hoang Lam – Australian freelance journalist
America Has A Scarecrow
Through a satirical, sharp and sophisticated pen, the writer wrote about a monster king very similar to a Scarecrow in Vietnamese folk tales. Read the book series to feel happy and sad, and sympathize with the talented President Donald Trump. I also shed tears because of the noble love of the two main characters Olivia and Brayden.
Thien Menh – British freelance journalist
A Book Is An Elaborate Research Project
It is worthy of a history lesson through the White House of Light and Darkness. Readers seem to see their own presence in her book. An elaborate work, Ms. Phong Thu also provides real documents from journalists and commentators around the world.
White House of Light and Darkness is a wonderful novel, I read it passionately and enjoyed it from beginning to end.
Quy Dang and poet Hien Tran
AECH Family (RSBF)
The Most Interesting Books I Have Ever Read
Phong Thu’s writing style is smooth, gentle, and emotional for the reader. Sometimes the humorous and satirical prose expressed the immorality and disgust of politicians with high power and important positions but with shabby and corrupt personalities. I was drawn into a writer’s inner thoughts and followed her to the end of this special book series.
Hoang Nguyen Loc – Hungarian poet
A Talented And Brave Writer
I love you very much because you are a woman who dares to write a broad topic within the political category of modern America in the 21st century. A series of novels based on the political situation of America to produce great books.
You are a very talented and brave writer
I wish you good health and success in many fields.
Ghi Dang- Seattle Freelance Journalist