Newsom Goes Too Far… Now Parents Are Fighting Back

Seven school systems in California have gone against Governor Gavin Newsom (D) by making it a rule that schools must tell parents when a child says they want to change genders.

According to Breitbart News, Newsom’s government has filed suit against the Chino Valley school system in Riverside County for implementing a parental notification policy, despite surveys showing that 84% of California voters favor the concept that parents have the right to be informed.

Breitbart News questioned Newsom this past week about why parents shouldn’t be allowed to know, and he had no response beyond saying that climate change was a greater concern than kid transgenderism.

EdSource says that seven school systems are standing up to the Newsom government and that more will follow.

“School district staff is required by law to notify parents if their children are transgender,” according to regulations that have been established by seven school boards within the past two months.

“Many school districts in California require teachers and other school staff to tell parents as soon as possible if a student asks to change their name or pronoun, join a group, or do something else.

“Other school systems will follow,” said Jonathan Zachreson, a member of the Roseville City Unification board and a right supporter. “The policy will be looked at by almost all school districts in Placer County, which is close to Sacramento,” he claimed.

EdSource says that these rules put LGBTQ+ students into the “crosshairs,” but they won’t stop schools from hurting students by pushing them toward medical procedures and drugs that will change their lives without the knowledge of their parents.

Author: Blake Ambrose