Ha Phan

My short biography

I left my country Vietnam in 1975 right after the Vietnamese communists came and took over Sàigòn in the south of Vietnam. Before April 28, 1975  I was a proofreader for a French newspaper called The Courier d’Extreme Orient sponsored by The French consulate in Sàigòn. 

Myself, my older brother and my late husband arrived in Minneapolis of Minnesota  where we were sponsored by six Lutheran churches. We stayed together in one apartment and started working full time jobs right away to afford living on our own. 

Due to the very cold weather of Minneapolis, we had to move to California after a couple of years in 1978. I became a single mom with two sons when my husband passed away in 1988. I continued to work and raise my children until they graduated from their colleges, then I went back and finished my Master’s degree in business major M.B.A. My life is well fulfilled with volunteer opportunities while I was working full time in finance field. I just retired recently and I am seeking to serve my second country, the United States of America in many ways I can.God bless America to be Great again and again!