Elon Musk digs up the hidden rubbish treasure in Twitter

By Hoa Truong May 21, 2022

Commonly, the term of an offer in businesses like the real estate agent is the initial step to accomplishing the purchase process, and the final stage is the settlement. Previously, a home buyer just signs an agreement with a small amount’s deposit, but, a home buyer can change their mind within 30 days. Even a product can return to the shop within the guaranteed policy, so the richest man on the planet Alon Musk just offered to buy Twitter with $US 44 billion. Therefore, he can change his mind when he discovers Twitter hid some things to cheat the buyer and Twitter breaches the commercial law.

Certainly, billionaire Alon Musk experiences in the business, he is like the sky emperor and becomes the powerful man of space, even Vladimir Putin doesn’t snub Alon Musk. The CEO and administration of Twitter concealed the horrible tech business with more than 20% spam, fake accounts lying to the bubble users. The notorious circumstance of Twitter fraud highlights the 46th illegal president Joe Biden has the favorite users of Twitter released 22.3 million followers are fake, actually, 11 million followers of the 46th illegal president Joe Biden created by the White House. The discovery proves 81 million ballots came from the underworld or the ghost ballots plus the stolen names of the dead people in the cemeteries. The disgraced deception of the presidential robber Joe Biden unmasked the fake president selected with the fake ballots, working in the fake Oval Office, and Joe Biden is the first presidential robber in US history, and Biden also is the first zombie ape in the White House with the teleprompter. Therefore, the mongrel ape Joe Biden robs the White House, treason, corruption, and the henchman of China’s Communist Party, the Ukraine bloodshed caused by Joe Biden that are true. The people were not surprised that Joe Biden announced 81 million ballots, therefore, the fans of the patriotic President Donald Trump welcomed Joe Biden with the banner” Trump won and let’s go Brandon” when Biden arrived.

The concerned billionaire Elon Must temporarily offers to take Twitter, therefore, he won’t buy Twitter as the newest information was released on April 27, 2022. The people, shareholders, and the advertising companies have never known the secrets contained inside Twitter until Alon Musk offers and he digs up the hidden rubbish treasure in Twitter. It is incredible when Twitter has at least 20% spam and fake accounts. It is just an iceberg floating on the surface, possibly inside Twitter should have more frauds, so Alon Musk distrusts, and wrote on Twitter

20% fake/spam accounts, while 4 times what Twitter claims, could be *much* higher. My offer was based on Twitter’s SEC filings being accurate. Yesterday, Twitter’s CEO publicly refused to show proof of <5%. This deal cannot move forward until he does.”

The problem comes from the truth, and the sly business practice of Twitter, the malicious tech business of Twitter has deceived the advertising companies and the shareholders. Therefore, Twitter can not lie and conceal with Alon Musk who can not deal when Twitter doesn’t respond to the transparency, so he can not forward when the business contains the deception, actually, the fake users can not accept before the new owner agrees to buy. The shareholders and advertising companies can file lawsuits against Twitter for lying and robbing their money a long time ago.

The hidden rubbish treasure of Twitter publicized caused Twitter to lose more than 30% of its valuation as Alon Musk can reduce $US 10 billion, or more, even Alon Musk can withdraw the deal, it is the fault of Twitter. The shareholders of Twitter didn’t know the rubbish treasure deceived them for a long time until Elon Musk offers to take over. Possibly, the shareholders thank Elon Musk discovered the truth. Initially, the share is $US 55.20, therefore, after the deal, on April 14, 2022, the share dropped to $US 45.08, recently, on May 18, 2022, the share plunged to $US 36.85, and the share continues to plunge while the deal is waiting for the final decision of Alon Musk.

The situation of Twitter is not certain when Alon Musk doesn’t guarantee to buy despite what he offered with the true valuation, not the deceitful business. Therefore, the massive fake accounts on Twitter were discovered and the big tech faces a creditable problem. Possibly, Facebook should contain the rubbish treasure like Twitter, the investors, advertising and users distrust the big tech communication companies. The discovery of Alon Musk should help the investors require Twitter to refund 30%, and the advertising companies can ask Twitter to compensate the untrue users deceived for a long time. Nowadays, the users and businesses have the TRUTH Social of the patriotic President Donald Trump, instead of Facebook of Mark Zuckerberg is struggling for survival, and also facing massive lawsuits. Google versus duckduckgo, and Twitter unmasked the scam users.


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