The radical problems caused the Coalition to lose the federal election on May 21

By Hoa TruongMay 22, 2022

The radical problems caused the Coalition to lose the federal election on May 21, 2022, despite the mongrel Communist Labor Party (The Australian Leninist Party) having no policy on the economy, national security, and others, except the hoax climate change plus aged care, healthcare. Nevertheless, Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese exposed the incompetent politician, he didn’t know about the unemployment rate and interest rate. The circumstance of Anthony Albanese is like Joe Biden in the United States.

Political cancer in Liberal Party started with Prime Minister John Howard who made the critical mistake to recruit lawyer, and millionaire Malcolm Turnbull and promote the Labor’s undercover activist on the front bench. Moreover, Malcolm Turnbull has a daughter-in-law who is Sloane of a high-ranking cadre of China’s Communist Party. In 2013, the concerned Liberal leader Tony Abbott defeated Labor Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, an actual henchman of China’s Communist Party. Prime Minister Tony Abbott stopped the boat, keeping the border, so China’s Communist Party hated the patriotic leader, so the left animal companies in Australia, actually Channel Seven with the prominent left reporter Mark Riley often attacked Tony Abbott when he held the Opposition Leader of Liberals. The left animal media created the false polls as the scare campaign that panicked the members of Liberals in the Caucus, actually the backbenchers. Communication Minister Malcolm Turnbull used the deceitful polls of animal media companies to create the coup of September 19, 2015, and the Caucus toppled Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, then Malcolm Turnbull became the 29th Prime Minister. The inappropriate coup was contributed by Deputy Leader Julie Bishop who stabbed in the back of Tony Abbott. During the rule of Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, China’s Communist Party, and the Australian Labor Party gained the policies:

-Malcolm Turnbull responded to the favors of the Labor Party, actually the supreme boss Penny Wong with the postal survey of the same-sex-marriage legislation that cost $A 122 million to the taxpayers

-Darwin Port leased 99 years with $A 506 million, and the government of Malcolm Turnbull waived the Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB). Actually, Treasurer Scott Morrison just raised the verbal reaction, and he did nothing to solve Darwin Port. The rumor spread that Prime Minister Malcolm was secretly dealing with China on Belt-Road Initiative in 2017. Possibly, Treasurer Scott Morrison and Trade Minister Steven Ciabo knew, but they didn’t publicize and concealed the Parliament House. Its reason explained Prime Minister Scott Morrison (re-elected on May 18, 2019) hurriedly traveled overseas to avoid the public question when three warships of the People’s Liberation Navy with 700 sailors entered Sydney Harbour on June 19, 2019. Moreover, Victoria Premier Daniel Andrews signed the One Belt-Road Initiative with China in 2018, so Prime Minister Scott Morrison didn’t have a strong reaction, instead of the verbal criticism.

The concerned Liberals recognized Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull caused the loss of the Coalition, so Representative Peter Dutton led the concerned members to challenge the power. The major members of the Caucus removed Malcolm Turnbull, therefore, the vestige of Malcolm Turnbull is Treasurer Scott Morrison with traitor Julie Bishop to rob the leadership of Peter Dutton. The incident of Prime Minister Scott Morrison is like the 46th illegal president Joe Biden stole the presidency of the patriotic President Donald Trump on January 20, 2021. Scott Morrison is the prime minister of robbery, so he early congratulated the presidential robber Joe Biden despite the rigged election still waiting for the official announcement.

Liberal Party and Coalition lost the federal election on May 21, 2022, which caused political cancer to deepen from the mistake of Prime Minister John Howard. Moreover, the political crisis of Liberals came from traitor Julie Bishop (lawyer) who stabbed in the back Prime Minister Tony Abbott, and Julie Bishop also helped Scott Morrison to rob the leadership of Peter Dutton on the political standoff, actually, Julie Bishop stabbed in the back of Peter Dutton, so Treasurer Scott Morrison became the Prime Minister. On May 18, 2019, Prime Minister Scott Morrison was elected although the people were dissatisfied, therefore, they had no choice. Prime Minister Scott Morrison covered up the rapes in Parliament, the rape of his senior Attorney-General Christian Potter, and other scandals. Before the election call, the emails led by N.S.W Premier Gladys Berejiklian, and Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce exposed the distrust of Prime Minister Scott Morrison. The terrible scandals of Prime Minister Scott Morrison created the anger of women that costs 9 seats of Liberals with the female independents (mostly their stance is the hoax climate mate change). Unfortunately, Liberals ignored plus the greedy power of Prime Minister Scott Morrison repeats the circumstance of Prime Minister John Howard who didn’t hand over the leadership to Treasurer Peter Costello, so Kevin Rudd won the election in 2007, and now the incompetent leader Anthony Albanese wins the election.

The Coalition learns of the loss of Coalition in the election of 2022, it is too late for the regret, so the Lucky Country is going to rule with the mongrel communist party called the Australian Labor Party with the supreme boss Penny Wong. Indeed, China’s Communist Party and the 46th illegal president Joe Biden are happy with their comrade Anthony Albanese who will lead the country into the hell of communist paradise in the next three years. Nevertheless, the Liberals and Labor have been cornered by China’s Communist Party, and the bribery of China succeeded to buy the political parties, the leaders, and the high profiles. According to an ABC investigation reported by Dylan Welch published on June 26, 2018:

Chinese tech company Huawei has sponsored more politicians’ overseas travel than any other

Federal politicians who went on Huawei-sponsored trips

  • Bronwyn Bishop (August 1-6, 2011): Business class flights to Singapore and China as well as domestic travel and accommodation costs paid for by Huawei
  • Andrew Robb (December 13-19, 2011): Huawei paid for travel to Hong Kong and China, during which Mr. Robb was provided with complimentary accommodation and hospitality
  • Julie Bishop (January 4-9, 2012): Flights to China, domestic travel, and accommodation provided by Huawei
  • Steve Ciobo, Paul Fletcher, Alex Hawke, Alan Griffin, Harry Jenkins, Maria Vamvakinou (March 3-8, 2013): Huawei paid for business class flights to China, domestic travel, and accommodation
  • Jim Chalmers and Stephen Jones (July 5-12, 2015): Business class flights and accommodation provided by the Australia China Business Council and Huawei
  • Steve Irons (August 24-28, 2015): Flights and accommodation provided by Huawei

The politics in Australia endangered, actually, the Australian Leninist Party rules the government with the puppet of Penny Wong is Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, and Penny Wong becomes Foreign Minister, Richard Marles will take Defense Ministers (he vows to stand alongside China’s Liberation Army), Treasurer Jim Chalmers who received the overseas trip and accommodation paid by Huawei. Certainly, Penny Wong will grant Huawei to operate 5G in Australia, and the cyber spy unit 61389 easily accessed national security when the Coalition government spent a hundred million dollars to fight against the cyber spy of China. The doomed years are waiting for the naïve Australian people when the mongrel communist party wins the federal election. The last stand is the patriotic parties like the United Australian Party, One Nation, and others in the Senate. Nevertheless, the Australian Leninist Party should not have enough seats to form the major government while the ballots are counting. The small parties unite to nullify the power of Labor as ants can remove a cricket. Certainly, the prime ministerial robber Scott Morrison must step down, and Peter Dutton should get back his leadership was robbed by Scott Morrison, Julie Bishop, and the vestige of Malcolm Turnbull. Actually, ASIO does not ignore that the Australian Leninist Party always puts the comradeship and China’s interest above the country/.


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